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Saturday 7 July 2018

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Top Useful Android Applications For Your Smartphone 2018

Hello folks, I’m back with an awesome article on android applications which helps your work easy in your smartphone. All applications are free and available in android play store. There are different android apps are available on online web and also check it out hottest VegasHero hottest games but here are the different varieties of apps like security, cleaning, editing, sharing and much more which are top rated apps and highly popular. Most of the applications from trusted developers and verified too. I believe this collection of apps helps you a lot and for your smartphone.

Useful Applications For Handy Smartphone:
CM Security Antivirus App Lock:
Above is the one of the best applications which makes virus and malware away from your android phone. Every smartphones need an security or Antivirus app. This application have more than millions of downloads and all positive reviews. This software provides you antivirus and even you can set the lock for particular apps in your smartphone.

Just an awesome app, developers upgrading and developing new features even you can find anti-theft protection. In future you can find more feature and updates from developers.

CM Secuirity 

Ratings : 4.7/5

Required Version : Depends on device.

Size : Depends on device.

Clean Master:
This application helps you to clean the junk and cache files which makes your smarphone run smoothly and faster. It’s an useful application and every smartphone user should use this application because when we download any software or tool from internet then we find caches left on our phone when we install any app. So, it clear all the caches and junk files which are not useful.

Even it restricts the background apps which are running background and improve user interference of phone. It boosts your phone to faster and better to use.

Clean Master 

Ratings : 4.7/5

Required Version : Depends on device.

Size: Depends on device.

Swiftkey Keyboard:
This app is for texting lovers who always on messengers and chatting. It is from verified developer with different languages available. Even it recommends the pre-text and helps you to type fast. And also faster when compared to pre-installed keyboard. Even you can find different themes and customize at own style.

Even I too use for writing articles on my blog. Must reliable, faster and perfect to use. I suggest you to go with this swiftkey keyboard.

Swiftkey Keyboard 

Ratings : 4.5/5

Required Version : 2.3 up

Size : Depends on device.

It helps you to make you’re photos brighter and auto correction of colors. It is far better than you’re pre-installed camera and it has effects different photo. So, here an awesome application called Retrica to refine and re-edit the photos to advance level.

There are lots of feature and effects to deliver your photo like photography. Even you can add custom logo's to your photos.


Ratings : 4.5/5

Required Version : 2.3 up

Size : 35mb.

This application helps you to download the large files. Best Downloader in play store and even in personal computer. When compared to normal downloading it is much better than that. I believe you already had an experience in your computer. Better use in downloading large files and also for movies.

The fact of this application is a small kb file can download huge GB files. Really awesome experience in smartphone and also in personal computer.


Ratings : 4.5/5

Required Version : Depends on device.

Size : Depends on device.

MX Player:
This application is for watching high definition videos on your Android Phone. In this app you can find advanced features like brightening and volume up on your screen itself. Really awesome to use and watch HD and experience like high definition. Even you can maximize the sound features.

Maximum every format and resolution can support. Even you can zoom in and out and also pan the video. Really a great feature in one package.

Ratings : 4.a/5

Required Version : Depends on device.

Size : Depends on device.

Share It:
Better than bluetooth while coming to transferring of files. Faster and better when compared to pre-installed option like Bluetooth. Simple and easy to connect as well as faster sharing of files. Even, you can send and receive big files.

Mostly we find problems with Bluetooth while connecting due to different connections of phones. So, you can find a single problem in it works like a charm.

Rating : 4.4/5.

Required Version : 2.2 up.

Size : 6mb.

Some top level smartphones don't have a file manager so ESexplorer is one best file manager to manage your files and folders. Even you can share files through explorer. I believe one of the best one being a third party to the phone.

Both internal and external storage can be shown and you can manage easily both of them.

ES explorer 

Rating : 4.5/5.

Required Version : Depends on device.

Size : Depends on device.

If you need to make tutorials or record your screen to help your friends then go for mobizen. Actually, we find tons of screen recorders, but all are compatible with rooted phones. So, It is one of the best recorder to record or screenshot.

Simply awesome application and well developed by verified developers. I suggest you to go with this to make your own videos.


Rating : 4.4/5.

Required Version : 4.0 up

Size : 18mb.

Really great apps where we can hide photos, videos, files, movies and much more. Even we can export and import contacts and messages too. And also you can protect your application by password. Better to go for the premium version with all features.

Lock your apps and social networking sites like Facebook, Whatsapp messages can be locked. Just a good app.


Rating : 4.4/5.

Required Version : 2.3 up

Size : 2.8mb.

All the above apps from user experience and best applications for your smartphone to speed up your user experience. Still finds anything new please leave a comment and don't forget to share with your friends.

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Saturday 27 January 2018

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Indus Ludo By Unity Certified Developer 2018

Ludo is a multiplayer strategy game. Maximum 6 people can play this game simultaneously; but you will need custom board for that. On generic Ludo board minimum two and maximum 4 people can play simultaneously. It was invented in ancient India. Players race their pawns on a squared board with a round pathway towards the centre of the board. First one to get all of its pawns in centre wins the game. It has sibling with different names but with similar game play all over the world.

   Indus Ludo 2018- screenshot
Indus Ludo

Play Store Link : Click Here


The generic four player Ludo board has four colored corner having each players pawns with respective color. The actual play area is cross shaped with three column and six cells per side. The middle column is colored. These represent players home column.

GamePlay :

Each player will have four pawns. the goal is reach to the center (or not letting your friends to reach to the center if you wanna be annoying ;) ). Pawns will be at base when the game starts. Player must roll 6 to take one pawn out and start its cross shaped circular journey towards the center. Player can move all its pawns which are in actual gameplay as per dice roll. And if you anyone rolls six, they get to move the pawn and roll the die again as a reward. The pawn will move forward according to die value. Beware though; if another player's pawn comes in same cell as your pawn's cell, other player will capture your pawn and send it back to base. Then you have to start the process again (remember being annoying; this was that ).


Safe points :


There are total eight safepoints on Ludo Board. Four of them are the start points for each pawn. and rest four of them are before going in home column. Players cannot capture each other's pawns while they being in safepoints. Ergo they play very important role while strategizing.

If more than two players are playing Ludo, Game will not get over when one of the player's all pawns gets to center. Game will be over when there is nobody else to play against with.

Good luck and have fun playing this game.
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Sunday 14 January 2018

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Download Opus Player APK Latest Version for Whatsapp

Hey guys , I'm back with an awesome application where you can listen all your voice notes of whats app. Recently whats app changed the audio file. So, you can't listen on your mobile default player. Here's the article to list whats app voice notes and also telegram. Even it supports the other social networking audio file formats.

Best feature is you can listen all audio files at one place. And also having the feature to sort by date or name. I believe this one is best when compared to other applications. Change icon's, rename file and much more features.

Download Opus Player For Android:

This application is for all android users and compatible with tablets and other devices. You can directly download from Google play store .

Features of Opus Player:

* It supports all file managers to grab audio files.

* Rename the audio files.

*Change the icons of audio files.

*Listen voice notes in loudspeaker or with inbuilt calling speaker.

*Sorted files with default dates.

Opus player is also supports for other social networking apps. Listen voice notes of what apps easily and it supports other format. All voice notes together in one place. No need to search in what apps. It automatically sync the whatapps audio files and sort automatically in date wise. The bad is it contains ads when you will connected to wifi or mobile data. 

If you have any questions feel free to comment will try our best to solve. Please share with your friends and thanks for reading the article.

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Monday 5 September 2016

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5 MultiPlayer Android Games You Must Try

If you wish to play some awesome games, you really don’t need to buy a huge desktop or Xbox to do that. Android smartphones or tablets are enough to fulfill your requirement. There are some amazing multiplayer games out there which can be played with your friends, as a single player, in groups, through WiFi/ Bluetooth and of course through different platforms like Android, iOS and Window devices.


There is a perfect collection of Multiplayer games on internet, most of them are free and quite good at their work, that is entertainment. Here we have an incredible collection of 5 multiplayer games for your devices be it Android, iOS or Windows.

Let’s read them out and pick out the best one:-


  • Mortal Kombat X

    Price: Free

It is definitely a flawless games. Mortal Kombat X is the most horrifying, brutal and violent game that has been released for Android users. Or maybe you can say the biggest console fighting game is now available in Android market for free.

Users just need to choose their favorite fighter, select three team members, collect guns, bombs and other weapons and then create, destroy, break and finish your enemy team. This is all you have to do with Mortal Kombat X.

  1. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

  Price: Free

When you have Modern Combat 5: Blackout in your smartphone, you don’t need to take a day off from work. Play this amazing game anywhere and anytime you want. It is the most amazing looking game you will ever find on any device.

It is a multiplayer game where you can team up with people, collect weapons needed for the warfare and take down your enemy team. It is a tactical warfare game you will find explosives, weapons and firepower to finish your enemies. So if you are a fan of violence and war then this game is made for you!

  1. 8 Ball Pool

  Price: Free

Ball Pool game is a very different game as compared to Mortal Kombat and Modern Combat 5. It is quite silent and relaxing multiplayer game where you can play pool against the whole world. It is mainly for people who love to show off their skills to the world. 8 Ball Pool game is available on different platforms like Android, FaceBook and other gaming platforms.

It is especially designed for people who are skilled in pool.  This game allows you to play with friends and family online without any tension of internet allowance or viruses to hijack your device. It is totally safe and secure.

  1. Order & Chaos 2: Redemption

  Price: Free

Order and Chaos 2: Redemption is technically a very different game from what we have  discussed above. It allows you to fight against massive and ugly creatures alongside your friends or solo. It is a huge multiplayer game running successfully online.

There are different characters to choose. Select your Character’s class and become one of the warrior or sorcerer, watch the monster in front and begin a whole new journey completely filled with hundreds of quest and new monsters to fight with.

  1. N.O.V.A 3 Freedom Edition

Price: Free

If you wish to play one of the best multiplayer game on your Android device then N.O.V.A 3 Freedom Edition is the right choice.It is a Sci-Fi FPS that surely delivers one of the best explosives and weapons to play, amazing graphic design and great action to notice.

You can play the game with 7 different player at a time either solo or alongside friends. Use vehicles together for your team members and fight against your feo easily. It is an amazing game for people who love lightening fast actions and striking voice when in action.


These were the top 5 multiplayer games for Android. They all are free and available online. You and your friends can play the games together and show off your results and scores on all social media sites. They all are 100% free and good quality games. I bet you all are going to enjoy them!

“Tanya is a professional and passionate Freelance writer and works for and various other tech websites. She is an enthusiastic athlete and she loves swimming
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Sunday 10 April 2016

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XPLOREE KEYBOARD: Chat, Discover, Search And Offers

Xploree Keyboard is an extremely innovative and user friendly app currently trending amongst the Android users. This app is known for its exceptional features and ease of use, while at the same time it is very creative in terms of its themes and ‘Presto’ option. The success of this app and its greatness was further elevated when it received the honour of being 2015’s new innovative app. Frost & Sullivan is a research and consulting firm which announced this app for the “2015 New Product Innovation Award”. The reason for this app being a huge hit among Android users is it myriad of options wherein it lets you discover a number of deals, offers, coupons, products and services as you chat using this keyboard. Hence, it makes the most effective use of a person’s time.Xploree1


General Information:

Xploree keyboard is currently available for the Android users with OS version of 4.0 and more. This falls under the Free Lifestyle App category on the Google Play store. It was published on the play store on the 3rd of March 2016 by KeyPoint Technologies and since then it has received great response. Currently it has a rating of ‘4.2’ on Google Play store with around 3000 users who found it good enough to rate it. It has a 100 thousand downloads approximately. This app proves to be ideal for those accustomed to this fast moving world. It helps you get information and notifications about the various products and brands as you converse. Also, one of its most amazing features is the coupon save option. This ensures that you are able to decide to use the coupons of interest after exploring more options and finally narrowing down to the best suited deal for you. This makes this app an absolutely productive, non – intrusive mobile platform which has high language intelligence.

After you install this app from the play store and open it you will be asked to enable this keyboard in your phone. After enabling you will be directed to the main home screen of the app. On clicking the drop down menu available on the home screen you will see the following major options:


This option takes you to the actual environment wherein you will have to type in the text for your conversations. This is the actual platform which is the main central application of this app. Once you start typing the text you will find a lot of enhancements in the keyboard. You will have the Yahoo link icon and the Xploree Keyboard app icon(Presto) on either side of the keyboard. The rest of the keyboard is similar to your normal Google keyboard. Chat with your friends and discover offer's and quick search icon to search anything while chatting. Share offers with your friends and much more in one platform.Xploreediscover


The next option is listed down is the ‘themes’ option. Every one of us always prefer a bit of customisation which would give us some comfort both in form of usage and appearance. To provide us with the joy of adding such exciting customisations this app has the Themes option. Here you can select from a wide variety of colour themes and animation themes which will be reflected in your keyboard. These themes make your typing experience more colourful and lively. Currently Xploree offers 24 colour based themes which have a mixture of solid as well as gradient colours. It also has 8 special animation themes which makes the experience even more exciting. To name a few of the animation themes, they have Shadow night, love affair, Cricket and so on.xploreetheme


This is the third option in line from the top of the menu. This typically saves all the discounts, offers and coupons that you would come across while you converse using this keyboard. As and when you encounter sudden surprise notifications based on the words you text you can save it and later find all your saved discounts in this area. This way you need not have to worry about missing some offers and at the same time can choose from a number of saved offers and then choose the best out of all. This is the main purpose of this option.dx3


This is the next and most important menu option. This provides you with the overall control of all the keyboard features. You can enable or disable whatever controls you prefer and design a comfortable and smooth environment for you. Here you have options like ‘Glide’ and ‘Xploree Blob’ which lets the user choose the movement of fingers while typing (slide without lifting or normal). Next you have the dictionary and shortcuts option which will be of great use once you set it up according to your convenience. Following this you a hell lot of keyboard customisation options wherein you can modify the functionalities of the keyboard. You have control options like Auto spacing, Extended character bubble, Popup on Keypress, Auto correction, Keyboard layout, Sound on keys and Vibrate on keys.xploreesettings


Finally you have the Language selection option which is another feature which was the reason for this app’s wide reach. Currently it provides you with 112 languages in total to choose from.xdf


Presto helps you to discover more and better offer's pop's up with new offer's. User-friendly and help's you to find discount's and offer while chatting.xploreepresto


In its latest version the new features that were included are Presto Tile enhancement, Xploree Blob, Hindi language and Astro card. The Presto tile is the icon which helps us explore the various discounts and offers as we type across various apps. Xploree blob is a shortcut to take you to the discover screen directly. Astro card predicts your day to day astrology.

Make the best use of this productive and innovative app. Stay tuned, more new upcoming features and customizations.
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Saturday 9 April 2016


5 Best Android Mobile Apps for Free Recharge

The advent of apps have transformed the way we use mobile phones. There are specialized apps for every single activity these days. As more and more apps are beginning to get launched every day, the need to stand out from the rest has grown exponentially. Free recharge apps have drawn the interest and curiosity of a lot of people. The fact that they really work makes these apps one of the most downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Here are some hand-picked android mobile apps for gifting you free recharge.

1. Ladooo:

One of the most popular among all free recharge apps, Ladooo has been, so far, downloaded by more than 10 lakh users across India. The rewards and talktime are credited to the account of the users instantly. There are less hassles in the overall working of the app and you will totally be smitten by it after using it for some time.ladoo

The minimum recharge value is Rs 10 and the recharges happen instantly (almost always!). All you will be doing is simply downloading and trying out interesting applications via Ladooo. Grabbing free recharges have never been this easy.

2. Mcent:

Mcent is yet another exciting application which rewards the user free data and talktime for successfully completing simple tasks which include downloading apps and trying them out. The Mcent app is available for free download from the official Google Play Store.mcent

Like freecharge coupons additional recharge coupons on recharge of a particular sum, there are cool discounts and offers on the Mcent app which enables a user to get a whole lot of extra cashback by completing simple tasks. The activities are easy to complete and the credited money can be used for recharges or buying data.

3. Taskbucks:

Task Bucks is a relatively new app for free recharge but it has quickly earned the trust of users by giving instant rewards with recharges. There is refer and earn program in this app, just like the similar program on online mobile recharge applications like MobiKwik and

A user, just as he earn free rewards using MobiKwik coupons, earns extra free cash which can be used for recharges and transferred as Paytm cash. It has already been downloaded by thousands of users who have left a positive feedback on it.

4. Earn Talktime:

The Earn Talktime app is again another popular android app which gives free recharges and wallet money for customers. There is a benefit of up to Rs 100 per referral and the minimum cash amount that must be in a user’s wallet to cashout is Rs 30.earntalktime

The cash earned in this app can be redeemed as recharges and as Flipkart gift cards. What are you waiting for? Go, try the app now!

5. App Trials:

Just as the name of the application suggests, App Trials gives recharge for trying out different applications that are available on the Google Play Store. There is a referral program as well which gives Rs 50 for referring 10 trials

The money earned can be used for recharge of mobile phones and can also be transferred to the dedicated Payumoney wallet of the user.
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Share Songs Without Bluetooth From Your Android

As we cannot live without music, it is but imperative that we all search for fast and smoother ways to find out about new songs and listen to them as soon as we can. The only deterrent is the flow of these files which carry rays of sunshine with them; if the transfer is convenient, nothing can make us happier.


Though Bluetooth is no less than a godsend for everyone through which media can be shared, it cannot be denied that many a times, we wish that Bluetooth had some additional features; for instance, the ability to make the transfers faster, and the feature of making multiple transfers with different users at the same time. Catering to all the limitations of media transfer over Bluetooth, has come up with Reach app through which songs can be transferred without Bluetooth. Unlike other sharing apps, Reach has the advantage that the user can screen the songs of his/her friends, download the songs on the storage media of the app itself, and listen to the songs even when offline. The user only has to ask for permission once for accessing other person’s playlist. Post that, the playlist can be accessed anywhere, anytime, without the constraints that Bluetooth transfer has. Even uploading of the songs is not required, as the app syncs the files itself. But at the same time, the visibility of the files can be controlled.

Steps To Share Songs With Your Friends:

Step 1: Download and Install Reach App.

Step 2: Register with your mobile and fill your profile.

Step 3: Just invite your friend to reach app to  share songs and apps, Even you can download from him/her.

Step 4: After your friend joins, Send request to your friend and after accepting request. Now you can share or listen from your friend's library.

Step 5: Here you done!

Reach App Features:

  • App come with music player where you can directly play songs and share.

  • You can listen songs offline.

  • Make your songs private by enabling hidden to everyone.

  • Even apps also can be hide.

  • Lock your friends.

  • User Friendly Application.


Currently in its version 1, Reach has already started winning hearts because of the smooth music transfer that it provides to its users. If you also wish to experience how heavenly it feels like to not be dependent upon Bluetooth, be constrained by horizons, and ask for your friends to show you their playlist every time you want to hear something new, try Reach. You will not let Reach go out of life thereafter. Happy music sharing!
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Saturday 30 January 2016

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Hello Hyderabadi's! Grab Biryani From Paradise At 10rs.

Hello biryani lover's! Here an exciting offer from clear trip application. You can grab biryani at 10rs. from paradise hotel. And you know, biryani is one of the best and famous food in the world. In Hyderabad, Biryani is one of the top food. Yeah! want to eat biryani from a top hotel? Yes, this is right offer for you. Paradise is among from top hotels serving awesome biryani. You can get biryani at 10rs. from this hotel. biryani

Cleartrip is an online website and also having android application for booking flight tickets, hotels, buses, trains and much more in one click. So, Cleartrip is offering up to 300off to the user's. The best way to utilize this coupon on booking of biryani in paradise hotel. Check it out below procedure to apply coupon and get at 10rs.

{Expired}Pay 10rs. Paytm And Get Biryani From Paradise Hotel:

Step 1: Download and Install Cleartrip application from here.


Step 2: Sign or Signup and fill out your personal details.

Step 3: Setup location "Hyderabad" or allow your location on.

Step 4: Search "Paradise Hotel" and select any biryani from offer page ( worth up to 300rs. to get at 10rs.).

Step 5: Now, Select No of order's "1 " and schedule your date.

Step 6: Go to payment option and apply coupon code " CLEARTRIP".

Step 7: You will get the discount and pay " 10rs." using any payment mode.


New Offer Update:

  • Maximum 200ff ,Coupon Code : "CLEARTRIP"

Payment Options:

  • Net Banking.

  • Paytm Wallet.

  • Credit Card.

  • Debit Card.

  • Net Banking.

  • PayZapp.

  • MobiKwik.

  • Payumoney.

  • MasterPass.

Available Biryani's:

  • Mutton Biryani.

  • Chicken Biryani.

  • Egg Biryani.

  • Veg Biryani.


Above is the complete tutorial to get biryani @rs.10 and I suggest you to go with below 300rs. worth biryani to get the huge discount. I believe one of the best offers from clear trip application. Go grab, before it gets expired. And don't forget to share with your friends too.
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Saturday 12 December 2015

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Reach App : Earn Rewards By Sharing Songs

Hello guys! I'm back with an awesome application where you can share music, listen and check friend's music list. This reach app is for music lover's and also called music sharing app. Officially it is called as Reach and not only music sharing, but, also in the future will get the photo, app sharing from friend's list. One of the best application where we can check friends, music list and download to out the phone.

Worrying about sharing your personal audio files or any music. No worries, after installing you will get an option to share the particular folder. So, that you can share which you want to share with your friends. Just you need to send friend  request to your friend for sharing and receiving songs. Even you can check the friend's online and offline status. The more you share songs or listen you will get rewarded more. If you want earn mobile recharge also check this recharge earning app.Reach Social File Sharing App

Reach App: Social File Sharing

Step 1: Download and install reach app.

Step 2: Open and register with correct details.

Step 3: Send friend request to your friends or invite friends to reach app. You will get 10 points for every new friend or who accepts friend request.

Step 4: Share or listen friend's songs or download. For sharing songs with your friends you will earn 1 point  ( upto 10 points a day maximum).

Step 5: Even you get paid for crossing above two milestones. And to reach the first milestone you need 100 points

Soon a very good update is going to roll out which comes with another awesome features. With that update you can share applications, songs and much more. More improvements and bugs going to fix and fast sharing from one device to another.

Payment Options:

Weekly redemption of rewards is available you can redeem to paytm/mobikwik cash on registered mobile. And Top 5 performers get additional prizes. Still having queries just mail at


Check out below rules and regulation's

  • 1 point = 1 Rupee.

  • 100 points to complete the 1st milestone.

  • The minimum redemption is 100 points.

  • Your reward will deliver within 7 days.

  •  Extra 30 & 45 points for completing the 1st and 2nd milestone.

  • Cheaters and fraudsters directly banned from the app.

Check below pic for detailed description

Reach Terms and Conditions


Above is one of the best social file sharing app and just download the app, share with your friends and earn more rewards. Still finding any problems or any queries just comment below and will do best to solve your query. I suggest you to go with this application and please don't forget to share with your friends too.



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Wednesday 21 October 2015


Earn rs.300 Mobile Recharge for free Using Android Apps.

Worrying most of the members for mobile recharge. so, here's an ultimate way to earn mobile recharges easily using android apps & other websites which pays.You can easily get up to Rs.300 balance in mobile & Earn money onlineso here follow the tricks to earn mobile recharge. There's lots of fraud apps which doesn't pay for your task. Instead wasting time on that app Just follow below apps and websites that pays genuinely. Lets here go!

Paise Swipe: 

It is one of best app that's pay recharge doing simple tasks like swiping the lock of your phone. The Android app shows the movie banners of newly released.Even you can recharge your phone or redeem your balance into your PayPal account. The app sends the update to your phone per week or it depends upon the data.It is a genuine website still its paying & if they any issue or know more details of this app just click below link download app.

Smartphone mate:

It is a another app which pays Rs.100 recharge per month easily doing simple tasks.It is a android based app we have to update app daily morning & evening it doesn't take that much time to update just need 5-10 seconds .Restart your phone morning & evening daily. Even you can earn more by doing simple survey per month.So here a app to download just go here.

India speaks:

It is one of the best online survey panels which pays you doing surveys of higher rates. India-speaks is a developer of products & services of peoples opinions. They mail the surveys about products to your emails.It pays the highest paid survey panel worth of 50-120rs. Of mobile recharge. I believe that you can earn more by spending 10-15 minutes & even you can redeem your rewards points other gift vouchers. So go this site register & earn.


It is a similar app like paise swipe which pays you by swiping lock.. The Android app shows the movie banners of newly released. Even you can recharge your phone or redeem your balance into your PayPal account. The app sends the update to your phone per week or it depends upon the data. It is a genuine website still its paying & if they any issue or is knowing more details of this app just click below link download app.
My Referral : 794200738
It is one of the best & high paid mobile recharge when you saw ads or task to download some apps which pays some mobile recharge.I suggest you to go with this app.everyday you can discover more & more offers and get balance on your service providers.By doing all above tasks you can get an easy monthly recharge.To download this app go here.

My screen:

Here's goes another app which pays for you by calling or receiving a call, On which you  receive an ad on your screen.By seeing ads you will receive points on every ad you watch.100% working trick.You will receive your payout monthly and minimum payout is Rs.100. Just go for it guys.


It is also best app similar to ladoo. In this also we have to download apps on offer page by that we get paid by sponsors for different apps. So I suggest you guys to with it. This one of the top oldest earning app and first app of India.


It is also based on completing tasks and installing apps to get paid. Even you can refer your friends to earn more. Simple awesome app to earn mobile recharges.


My Referral : M6PEZ 
Here we go  another awesome application where we can earn points by referring friends and also by visiting different places. And awesomeness in this application is we can redeem our points in different platforms like amazon, flipkart voucher, mobile recharge or also directly we can redeem pen drivers and other accessories. After redeeming points get your reward within 24 hours.


My Referral : 2R8RRS4
It is a relationship and you will get joining bonus 10rs. in your paytm. Even you can earn more by referring you're friends.


My Referral : 11807C17
Another awesome app where you can get paid for writing product reviews. For every review you will recharge and also you can earn by referring friends.


Above are the best apps which real money for your mobile & I will update more sites & apps which pays. If any doubts or problem, please comment below. Don't forget to thank me :)
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