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Monday 7 September 2015

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NumberTank 30 minutes Everyday Make A Call From PC To Phone

Worrying about high calling rates and not having enough mobile balance to call your loved one's, friends or a family member. So here world best one free international calls every day from PC to any mobile phone. Here's a Numbertank which gives a 30 minutes of free calling every day to anyone in this world. By this you can make many calls in given minutes.

Most of the websites are fake, but I founded this website working fine. Even you can create a group of your friends contact list. The quality of this calling service was simply awesome and noise cancellation too. There's lots of services like this, but you can't get for free. So guys I suggest you to go to this website. Most of the people don't know about this website. So make a good use of it.
Numbertank Free calling

Make A Phone Call Through Internet [Not working in PC]:


As you Know guys In this we can invite friends and take a free call to our friends. But the thing is its working in India, USA and Canada. Soon It will work all over the world. If you don't use your 30 minutes calling in a day which will be provided for you then it's added to next day balance. Here Follow the step By step procedure to signup below.

Step 1: Dropping a mail into the Home page of Numbertank it Takes time to join [it's not working for me]. Comment below with your email so I can send you an invitation link to join.

Step 2: Fill your details by clicking the given invitation link with correct details.

Step 3: Confirm Your Email Address which is given confirmation link. [Check spam If you don't find your confirmation link]

Step 4: Select your country and add your Phone No.

Step 5: Verify your mobile phone no with a security code as a message or else you can confirm your telephone No. By calling with a given toll free.

Step 6: Create your User Name and Next, fill your complete address with Country, State, City, Home no.,Pincode and Drag to your place in Google maps.

Step 7: Add your profile picture and then invite your friends to Number Tank.

Step 8: Here you're Done.

Download and Install numbertank app for free calls. The app also works fine without any interruption and voice clarity also good. [Working Android App].

Facing Any Problem:

  • It work's only in Chrome Browser.
  • Google Chrome With latest version.
  • Headset with working mic.
  • Allow your browser to connect with microphone.
  • Not connecting to call then refresh or re-log in.
  • Once FAQ to get more information.
  • Still having any queries then ping a message to Feedback [right sidebar]
There is a no android application for number tank, But you can use this service from mobile browser. I believe one of the best service to call your friends or loved one's. Noise cancellation and clear voice. I suggest you to go with this service.


All the above information is clear and correct. Follow the steps as given and Don't create a fake ID's and Misuse of numbertank. Go and register makes free calls. Please don't forget to share with your friends. 


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