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Monday 7 September 2015

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Top Easy Ways To Make Money From Blogging

As you know guys there is a lot of methods to earn bucks from online. But most of the money websites or work from home or data entry are scamsYou know, how do bloggers make money? There are different ways of money making blogs generates huge amount of bucksSo, Here I will show you the easiest and best methods to earn some bucks from blogging. Depending upon your blog ranktraffic and readers you can get some decent bucks per month easily.
Make Money Blogging
Make Money Blogging
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Ways To Make Money Blogging:

Advertising Networks:

There are lots of advertising networks, which pays for monetizing our blog. Google adsence is the best Ad network which pays huge amountBut the thing is getting the approval of Adsence  is not easy you should follow the policies of adsence.Don't worry there is other alternatives like yahoo media ads,Chitika Ads,Info links etc.Better to prefer first Google adsence then go for alternatives.Decent traffic is enough to get some good bucks.

Sell Your Ads Space:

Not only monetize with advertising networks, but we can sell ad space to advertisers by directly contact them.Or else publish your ad space in Buysellads  Depending upon your traffic ,blog readers you can get the ads space.So, keep your blog upto date ,Good content automatically you will good readers and decent traffic to your blog.Then easily you can achieve big advertisers.

Affiliated Marketing:

It is one the trend going on blog-sphere in a short time we can generate huge amount.If you refer a person to buy product then you will get some commission. There are lots of affiliated advertising networks depending up on your blog nicheSobetter to go for good affiliated program and select on going trends, product to get some decent bucks.

Paid Post Networks:

There a lot of paid post networks and also top bloggers hire you for writing a good article then you can get paid per articleSo, prove them you're having good skills and way of writing an article to attract readersBetter to go for good networks.

Sponsored Reviews:

If you're having a decent traffic and good Alexa rankThen sponsors automatically contact you for their product review.If you review their product you can get paid per review.If you want good sponsors with big amount of bucks.Then you must have below 50k Alexa.Easy and best way to get some decent bucks.Just you have write a review of a product and publish them on your blog.

Professional Blogger?:

If you're a professional blogger and having a good skills in link building ,SEO expert etc.Then you must work as a freelancer.There lots of bloggerseCommerce website and Online store websites they need link building ,SEO etc to promote their productsBusinessSOthey contact you to grow audience and business plans.Best to go with freelancing .

Event Niche Blogging:

In the span of one year you people see lots of events and festivals around the world.So,if you go for that niche then you will generate huge amount of bucks in short span of time.Just need a event name as a domain name and make lots of backlinks to get first page of google then after monetizing your blog with advertising networks.


All the above working methods of 2014 to earn bucks from blogging . Try to get some decent traffic to get some good bucks.Don't forget to share with your friends


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