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Sunday 8 July 2018

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SAP MM Material Links

 SAP MM Material : 


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Saturday 7 July 2018

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Top Useful Android Applications For Your Smartphone 2018

Hello folks, I’m back with an awesome article on android applications which helps your work easy in your smartphone. All applications are free and available in android play store. There are different android apps are available on online web and also check it out hottest VegasHero hottest games but here are the different varieties of apps like security, cleaning, editing, sharing and much more which are top rated apps and highly popular. Most of the applications from trusted developers and verified too. I believe this collection of apps helps you a lot and for your smartphone.

Useful Applications For Handy Smartphone:
CM Security Antivirus App Lock:
Above is the one of the best applications which makes virus and malware away from your android phone. Every smartphones need an security or Antivirus app. This application have more than millions of downloads and all positive reviews. This software provides you antivirus and even you can set the lock for particular apps in your smartphone.

Just an awesome app, developers upgrading and developing new features even you can find anti-theft protection. In future you can find more feature and updates from developers.

CM Secuirity 

Ratings : 4.7/5

Required Version : Depends on device.

Size : Depends on device.

Clean Master:
This application helps you to clean the junk and cache files which makes your smarphone run smoothly and faster. It’s an useful application and every smartphone user should use this application because when we download any software or tool from internet then we find caches left on our phone when we install any app. So, it clear all the caches and junk files which are not useful.

Even it restricts the background apps which are running background and improve user interference of phone. It boosts your phone to faster and better to use.

Clean Master 

Ratings : 4.7/5

Required Version : Depends on device.

Size: Depends on device.

Swiftkey Keyboard:
This app is for texting lovers who always on messengers and chatting. It is from verified developer with different languages available. Even it recommends the pre-text and helps you to type fast. And also faster when compared to pre-installed keyboard. Even you can find different themes and customize at own style.

Even I too use for writing articles on my blog. Must reliable, faster and perfect to use. I suggest you to go with this swiftkey keyboard.

Swiftkey Keyboard 

Ratings : 4.5/5

Required Version : 2.3 up

Size : Depends on device.

It helps you to make you’re photos brighter and auto correction of colors. It is far better than you’re pre-installed camera and it has effects different photo. So, here an awesome application called Retrica to refine and re-edit the photos to advance level.

There are lots of feature and effects to deliver your photo like photography. Even you can add custom logo's to your photos.


Ratings : 4.5/5

Required Version : 2.3 up

Size : 35mb.

This application helps you to download the large files. Best Downloader in play store and even in personal computer. When compared to normal downloading it is much better than that. I believe you already had an experience in your computer. Better use in downloading large files and also for movies.

The fact of this application is a small kb file can download huge GB files. Really awesome experience in smartphone and also in personal computer.


Ratings : 4.5/5

Required Version : Depends on device.

Size : Depends on device.

MX Player:
This application is for watching high definition videos on your Android Phone. In this app you can find advanced features like brightening and volume up on your screen itself. Really awesome to use and watch HD and experience like high definition. Even you can maximize the sound features.

Maximum every format and resolution can support. Even you can zoom in and out and also pan the video. Really a great feature in one package.

Ratings : 4.a/5

Required Version : Depends on device.

Size : Depends on device.

Share It:
Better than bluetooth while coming to transferring of files. Faster and better when compared to pre-installed option like Bluetooth. Simple and easy to connect as well as faster sharing of files. Even, you can send and receive big files.

Mostly we find problems with Bluetooth while connecting due to different connections of phones. So, you can find a single problem in it works like a charm.

Rating : 4.4/5.

Required Version : 2.2 up.

Size : 6mb.

Some top level smartphones don't have a file manager so ESexplorer is one best file manager to manage your files and folders. Even you can share files through explorer. I believe one of the best one being a third party to the phone.

Both internal and external storage can be shown and you can manage easily both of them.

ES explorer 

Rating : 4.5/5.

Required Version : Depends on device.

Size : Depends on device.

If you need to make tutorials or record your screen to help your friends then go for mobizen. Actually, we find tons of screen recorders, but all are compatible with rooted phones. So, It is one of the best recorder to record or screenshot.

Simply awesome application and well developed by verified developers. I suggest you to go with this to make your own videos.


Rating : 4.4/5.

Required Version : 4.0 up

Size : 18mb.

Really great apps where we can hide photos, videos, files, movies and much more. Even we can export and import contacts and messages too. And also you can protect your application by password. Better to go for the premium version with all features.

Lock your apps and social networking sites like Facebook, Whatsapp messages can be locked. Just a good app.


Rating : 4.4/5.

Required Version : 2.3 up

Size : 2.8mb.

All the above apps from user experience and best applications for your smartphone to speed up your user experience. Still finds anything new please leave a comment and don't forget to share with your friends.

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Wednesday 4 April 2018

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Best websites to learn new skills

Best websites to learn new skills

Want to become the most knowledgeable person of the year or want to show off your expertise in the different niche? Then you should start learning various niches and develop new skills.

There was a time when learning about different things was not only expensive but also was time-consuming. At that time, you had to buy books on each topic, read those books and save those books from dust for future references.
But, the internet has made learning new skills quite easy for you. All you need is to find the best online websites or resources. These resources must have quality tips and latest updates about the topics of your choice. These websites are not only saving your time and efforts but also available all the time.

Today I am going to share the best websites to learn new skills.


Want to have the premium knowledge like celebrities!

Then you should look for the right betting site. Do you know that only a few people in the world are expert of betting? Why because there was no useful resources to learn about betting.

But Bettingtop10 is an excellent place for you to learn not just about betting sites but also how to play and make your way into the betting industry with vast sports news updating frequently.


Do you want to become a professional coder or developer?

If yes, then codeacdemy is for you. The best thing about codeacademy is that it is free and full of interactive codes. You can find more than 25 million codes on codeacademy. It is an excellent resource for anyone interested in simple and complex coding.


Looking for the knowledge about what you can do best on or how you can start and run any start-up business!

eAskme has all the answers. The best thing about this site is that it does not boast of some fake million dollar concept. It tells you what to do, when to do and how to do. It also talks if you can do the online business or not.


People love to learn anything in the form of video tutorials. If you are also in love with video tutorials, then is an excellent place for you. It is a Linkedin company. There are thousands of professionals who are running online courses on various niche.

You can watch the free video or join paid tutorials also.


Are you one of those who want to stretch their brains? If yes, then you should visit Curious.

Curious has 20,000+ lessons on various topics. You can learn from fun activities to more serious things. The site is offering 30 days free trial which is great for you to explore the site and find what is there for you.

These are few of the most popular sites that you should, or you must visit to learn new skills. The skills you develop helps you whenever you need them. So, keep learning.
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Friday 23 March 2018

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Regional OTT Players Substantively Grow Despite Bigwigs Amazon Prime and Netflix

With new urban inclined content, regional online video content providers are pitching their stakes high in a market of big league investors. Where bigwigs like Amazon, Netflix are investing millions in generating the new age content for Gen-Y and marketing it globally, the small scale home-grown companies like ALTBalaji, Hoichoi, SVF Backed are creating a niche for themselves with their appealing content that targets youth ranging from 18-40 year olds.

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Moving on, the similar lines are channel based apps like Voot, Hotstar, SonyLiv, Zee5 which curate the television and movie content from regional, national and global most watched ones. These companies have been successful in garnering and retaining the millennial audience by creating fresh content that can be watched over internet on go.

“The next 100 million users that Netflix plans to acquire from India, are inclined towards Hindi or other regional languages which is a boon for us. We have already seen a huge growth in the last one year and am confident the next one year will see even larger growth,” said Manav Sethi, CMO of ALTBalaji adding that the company is broadcasting in 90 countries which generates the revenues for driving the business majorly.

Explaining this, Sethi says, “In India, while it costs Rs 100 a month, we are charging $4.99 monthly outside. So with Tamil content, the traffic shoots up from Sri Lanka, Middle East, and Singapore while Hindi brings traction from UK, Canada, US.” With a small team ALTBalaji is creating Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi content along with stand-up comedy, youth TV series, episodic series for catering to the current trends and interests. The production house is targeting a million subscribers in a short span of few days.

Another regional player, Hoichoi is making a mark in the eastern region with its Bengali content. It was launched in September last year and has launched 15 original series so far and plan to keep adding two new shows every month. The company also plans to increase the width of content type and audience by adding more options like music streaming.With meagre charges for minimum one year subscription one can find great screenplays in Bangla and movie buffs can also soothe their hunger for diverse options.“At the moment we will be focusing on Bengali content but going forward we will be looking into expanding and include other regional languages as well,” says Vishnu Mohta, Co-Founder, Hoichoi. He added that the company is going quite strong currently with almost no competition in regional areas and they’re striving to make it bigger and better with time.

Taking a look at the economic feasibility of the shows being produced, they can cost the production house anything between 5 lakhs to 1 crore depending on the cast, set design, location and production requirements. But, on the consumer end these cost much lesser than the usual option like Netflix. Almost all of the 25 video streaming platforms are charging a subscriber Rs 300-400 yearly while the likes of Netflix start at Rs 500 a month.

The change in the content and platform is attributed to firstly, the increase in the average internet speed from 3 Mbps to 5.8 Mbps and increase in the 4G user base over a period of 18 months has brought a behavioural shift towards the new age content which now drives the decision making for all aspects of production be it, casting, platform or duration.

“It’s a deep pocketed game and investors are still not confident about the market with big names already being present. But, in the long run, video content is bound to take over as TV growth rate is slowing down and mass programming content is not in demand anymore.” says the Sameer Pitalwalla, CEO and co-founder of Mumbai based digital media company Culture Machine which runs Put Chutney, a Tamil web channel. Sameer thinks that the market is still nascent and it’s the right time for them to launch content in other vernacular languages too.

Parallely, a new concept of content aggregators has started picking up in which companies like New Delhi based GoldSeat partners with intercity bus operators, travel agencies, car rentals, cab services and airways to showcase their content on modes of transport. “We play in the arena where there is no connectivity when you travel. For instance, when you are travelling to Ludhiana or Manali, you experience about only 20% connectivity. With our LAN connection, we stream media on your phone making it a personal seamless experience.” GoldSeat has so far partnered with Reliance and Phantom while popular channels like ALTBalaji has major shares in partnerships with telecom bigwigs Vodafone and Jio. “Partnerships will help us reach out to the next 80 smaller cities,” says Sethi.
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How Technology Is Helping Students To Get Certified

Today, the world is connected. Everything is within our reach. We can use the internet to get anything we want just by a few clicks of the mouse. Information is easily accessible and we can get news about what is happening on the other side of the world within a few seconds. The Internet has made our lives easier than ever before.

There is no limit to what we can achieve by sheer focus and attention. As there are a lot of courses that can be taken online, today we shall discuss what is popular among the netizens. Before we choose a course and devote our time and energy towards the completion of the course, we must be sure about the demand for that particular skill in the current job market.

According to reports from thecollegemonkwhich has one of the biggest databases of colleges and its rankings and Google search results, it has been found that online business management degrees are much favoured by the students who want to study online. Business management degrees not only teach the enrolled students about the basics of managing a business, but also imparts sound financial and networking skills to help them succeed in the long run. Offline business management degrees cost a lot and requires a lot of physical visits to campuses. It is impossible for someone to juggle both full-time job and an offline business management degree. Hence, online business management degrees are much sought after - they offer the flexibility as well as good return on investment for prospective students.

Colorado State University, Global Campus offers one of the best online business management degrees. Its state of the art online course management software ensures that the enrolled students get round the clock support from faculty members, academicians, peer group and even technical support. The cost is much lower compared to the classroom program, and hence it has been observed that almost 34% of the enrolled students in the business management course opt for the online mode. Multinational companies, as well as start-ups, hire the top graduates from this University, and the pay scale is much better when compared to the rest of the industry. With a few years of work experience, graduates get promoted and get the roles of top executives in their companies. The strong alumni network is also an added advantage for anyone who wants to enrol in the business management degree here. Past graduates have taken up executive roles all over the world.

Online colleges in Colorado are also known for offering top of the class business management degrees at relatively low cost and provides flexibility to the students to complete the course by taking their own time. The University of Alabama is one of the best online colleges in Alabama. The coursework here is designed by renowned academicians and corporate professionals. The students here are trained on real life skills as well as business management etiquettes.

The opportunities are many. All we have to do is grab hold of them and give our best!
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Thursday 1 March 2018

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What is the difference between Augmented Reality and virtual reality

Virtual reality: Ever flown an aeroplane or really wanted to? No, because you don’t have the skill set required? Heck! That shouldn’t be a problem anymore! With virtual reality, you can almost literally be the pilot of your own plane! Virtual reality is an artificial three-dimensional environment created for humans. The person becomes a part of the world of virtual reality and is able to manipulate things in his surroundings and interact with that reality. An entirely new artificial environment is created electronically (most certainly not a new physical environment) which seems almost very real, and the user is placed in it.

The term virtual reality was first termed by Jaron Lanier, one of the modern pioneers of the field. The widespread applications of VR and AR are an indication of the future expansion of these fields. With Top btech Colleges In India focusing and researching on it, there surely are many more surprises in store!

Augmented reality : 

Haven’t you come across those times when you really want to know how a chair that you see on pepper fry would look in your hall and not on their website? With augmented reality, this is possible. Augmented reality is a fascinating field which combines and superimposes computer generated images with user’s digital environment in real time. Unlike virtual reality, which creates a totally artificial environment, augmented reality uses the existing environment and overlays new information on top of it. The term ‘augmented reality’ was first coined by Thomas Caudell, a Boeing researcher.


One of the fields where Virtual reality has been implemented is in the military. VR is used to stimulate a battlefield so that the soldiers can be trained without being hurt or killed. AR programs are also used by the military (machine vision). The Heads-Up Display (HUD) is the typical example of AR usage in military. VR is used also in buildings. The basic plan of the building is first outlined and then builders can get a preview of how it may look using VR. A lot of cinemas are using VR these days.

Devices to be worn on the head are given to viewers and the movie is played. You could see how life would be as a doctor after your NEET 2018 

exams! Another important application of VR is in the field of medicine. Doctors/surgeons use VR to determine the best incision position and angle while removing tumours etc. AR is also used in the practice of medicine. Visualizations aid in explaining to patients the complex conditions that exist. This technology is often combined with MRIs and X-ray systems. Neurosurgery is greatly affected by AR and VR.

VR is implemented in automobile manufacturing, aviation, museums and also in the field of education. Typical applications of AR include primarily the navigation systems or GPS to locate and guide the user to the required destination. Today, Google glass and heads-up displays in car windshields are the most well-known consumer AR products. AR is popularly used in gaming. With recent advances in gaming technology and computational power the usage of AR for growing exponentially. One of the earliest applications of AR was the yellow first down line printed on the football field in the game, NFL.

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Thursday 8 February 2018

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5 Reasons you should Practice with Educational Apps for NEET

The rapid growth in technology has completely changed our life’s perspective. Technology has proven to be a blessing in several sectors, especially in the field of education. It has changed our approach towards learning in many ways. It has made students more independent and has transformed the complete preparation methodology. Gone are the days when students had to spend a lot of time travelling to coaching centers and pay heavy fees. Now, they can prepare for competitive exams, including NEET at the comfort of home with the help of educational apps.

The students have started relying more and more on digital medium of preparation after introduction of various educational mobile apps which are free of cost and can be installed at just a click on a phone, tablet or laptop. They provide ease and flexibility to students to learn whenever they wish to.

These educational apps are beneficial to students in many ways- they provide chapter-wise revision, interactive videos of all the topics and have various other attributes which help the students to have better understanding of concepts.

Here are 5 reasons why you should opt for educational apps.

24/7 Availability

One major advantage of these educational apps is that they do not leave you time bound. You can study at your own ease, whenever you want to. You can adjust the time according to your schedule.

Since the study material is always available on the app, you can also skip a particular topic if it doesn’t seem interesting at that particular time and jump back to it later. This unique feature discriminates it majorly from the traditional learning method which makes students time bound.

Fun and interactive learning

With the help of these educational apps, students get a better approach in grasping topics. The apps impart in depth knowledge of the subjects as these come up with a chapters-vise approach for covering all the topics of NEET.

The videos present in the apps are made in a way as to interest the students, with various features such as 3-D animations and in air projection, which not only make the videos fun but also help students understand the concepts in an easier way.

Study materials and Question papers

These apps generally cover the entire NEET syllabus. Usually the study materials on these educational apps are linked to various online libraries and with the help of these, students can refer to multiple books for their preparation for topics such as respiratory system, reproduction, nervous system, DNA and biotechnology.

Also most of these apps include previous years question papers which the students can solve to get a better understanding of syllabus and paper pattern.

Mock tests and Practice papers

Most of these apps have a separate section for mock and practice test. Almost all the apps come with 100+ mock tests. Students can take up these tests as many times as they wish. Certain apps conduct online examination and give you a detailed analysis of your answers after a couple of hours whereas other apps come with in-build solutions for these test. These help the students analyze where they stand and help them improve their weaker areas.

Learning at your own pace

Often students face difficulty at maintaining the same pace as the faculty. Sometimes a teacher seems to fast or too slow but this is not the case with educational apps. If you feel you did not understand a particular topic you can play it again and again, till you get a grip over it.

Many of these educational apps also provide customized adaptive learning modules which help the students to learn complex topics.
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Saturday 27 January 2018

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Indus Ludo By Unity Certified Developer 2018

Ludo is a multiplayer strategy game. Maximum 6 people can play this game simultaneously; but you will need custom board for that. On generic Ludo board minimum two and maximum 4 people can play simultaneously. It was invented in ancient India. Players race their pawns on a squared board with a round pathway towards the centre of the board. First one to get all of its pawns in centre wins the game. It has sibling with different names but with similar game play all over the world.

   Indus Ludo 2018- screenshot
Indus Ludo

Play Store Link : Click Here


The generic four player Ludo board has four colored corner having each players pawns with respective color. The actual play area is cross shaped with three column and six cells per side. The middle column is colored. These represent players home column.

GamePlay :

Each player will have four pawns. the goal is reach to the center (or not letting your friends to reach to the center if you wanna be annoying ;) ). Pawns will be at base when the game starts. Player must roll 6 to take one pawn out and start its cross shaped circular journey towards the center. Player can move all its pawns which are in actual gameplay as per dice roll. And if you anyone rolls six, they get to move the pawn and roll the die again as a reward. The pawn will move forward according to die value. Beware though; if another player's pawn comes in same cell as your pawn's cell, other player will capture your pawn and send it back to base. Then you have to start the process again (remember being annoying; this was that ).


Safe points :


There are total eight safepoints on Ludo Board. Four of them are the start points for each pawn. and rest four of them are before going in home column. Players cannot capture each other's pawns while they being in safepoints. Ergo they play very important role while strategizing.

If more than two players are playing Ludo, Game will not get over when one of the player's all pawns gets to center. Game will be over when there is nobody else to play against with.

Good luck and have fun playing this game.
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