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Saturday 27 January 2018

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Indus Ludo By Unity Certified Developer 2018

Ludo is a multiplayer strategy game. Maximum 6 people can play this game simultaneously; but you will need custom board for that. On generic Ludo board minimum two and maximum 4 people can play simultaneously. It was invented in ancient India. Players race their pawns on a squared board with a round pathway towards the centre of the board. First one to get all of its pawns in centre wins the game. It has sibling with different names but with similar game play all over the world.

   Indus Ludo 2018- screenshot
Indus Ludo

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The generic four player Ludo board has four colored corner having each players pawns with respective color. The actual play area is cross shaped with three column and six cells per side. The middle column is colored. These represent players home column.

GamePlay :

Each player will have four pawns. the goal is reach to the center (or not letting your friends to reach to the center if you wanna be annoying ;) ). Pawns will be at base when the game starts. Player must roll 6 to take one pawn out and start its cross shaped circular journey towards the center. Player can move all its pawns which are in actual gameplay as per dice roll. And if you anyone rolls six, they get to move the pawn and roll the die again as a reward. The pawn will move forward according to die value. Beware though; if another player's pawn comes in same cell as your pawn's cell, other player will capture your pawn and send it back to base. Then you have to start the process again (remember being annoying; this was that ).


Safe points :


There are total eight safepoints on Ludo Board. Four of them are the start points for each pawn. and rest four of them are before going in home column. Players cannot capture each other's pawns while they being in safepoints. Ergo they play very important role while strategizing.

If more than two players are playing Ludo, Game will not get over when one of the player's all pawns gets to center. Game will be over when there is nobody else to play against with.

Good luck and have fun playing this game.


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