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Sunday 29 January 2017

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SMS Bomber Working Sites To Prank Your Friends 2017

Want to prank your friends with a lot of messages? So, here the post for you to spam anyone mobile with continues messages. Just you need to type the number and how many times want to bomb your friend enter a number. That's it, start flooding the SMS, and this post is for the only educational purpose. It's a loophole in the verification code. 
SMS Flooder

Nowadays most of the scripts are not working, and here I will list out some of the sites working like a charm. And also some sites having the limit of maximum 20 ms. Again I repeat this post is only for educational purpose. Check it out below are the some of the site working. Only in Indian numbers as working as of now. Will try to get SMS flooder for all over the world. And also in this tutorial, I will show how to block those messages also if someone bombs on you. Even you can create this script using PHP and embed on any site.

SMS Bomber Online For Free:

And you know there is a missed call bomber where you can prank your friend with calling them, and it's automatically get disconnected when they lift the call.

Features Of SMS Flooder: 

*No need of Captcha or Robot Verification.
*No Software required to send SMS.
*No Application is needed.
*No Need to signup the site.
*Just type the number and enter number how many times to send. And then hit button,
*Instant message delivery.
*Works on DND activated site and free to send unlimited messages.

How to Block Those Messages:

Here's the tutorial to stop those messages and also you can block the call's. Even you can block by going to Messages and then block or you can use third party application to block.
*Download and Install SMS Block App
*Open and then starting blocking the sms or completely the phone number.
*Even you can blacklist the number.
*Auto delete the spam messages with single click.
*Block unwanted or spam calls.
*Easy to use go for it.

List of working SMS Bomber Sites:

*Amaze Tricks 
*Missing Tricks.
*Security Noobs {Expired}
*Viral Deals

*Note this post is for only Education purpose.


All the above sites are working fine and will try to make this post up-to-date. And also update the new working sites. Please share with your friends and comment down any sites if you know. 

1 comment:

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