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Tuesday 8 December 2015

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Acer Z630S Specification, Features and Price Full Review

The competition of smartphones increasing day by day and the new companies coming to the market for smartphone devices. Acer, an electronics manufacturing company came up with a new smartphone liquid device called Acer Z630S. We already know, Acer is one of the top company in making laptops and other electronic products. So, hardware quality of this smartphone device is quite good.

I believe this one of the best budget phone with ultimate specification and features. Acer liquid Z630S is coming with 5.5inch HD display, which is really useful for playing movies and videos.

Acer Z630S

Features Of Acer Z630S:

Awesome UI:

Acer Z630S comes with an operating system android lollipop 5.1 and Liquid UI (is a fully customizable and user friendly interface operating system. You can add favorites, mini call pop and much more awesome features).

Long Lasting Battery Backup:

While we do any busy work or in an important video call, most of the devices drains out fast. But, Acer came up with 4000mAh Li-polymer battery. By this talk, watch, play and listen more.


Acer Z630S is build for selfies with a front facing camera 8 mega pixels and also rear camera with 8 mega pixels. Now you can record or play HD videos with 30fps. And some other unique features called photo with sound- capture memories with sound and presentation mode.

Big Display And Storage:

No need to worry for your movies and videos, Acer came up with a 32gb internal storage. And also expandable to 32gb. Watch movies on a big display with 5.5 inch HD.

Processor And RAM:

No more lag, Just play high graphic games with no lagging. The device is fully powered packed with 1.3GHz 64 bit Octa core MediaTek processor and 3GB RAM. This hardware will boost your device performance faster and smoother.

Design And Build Quality:

As we already know, Acer is a hardware manufacturing company and device hardware quality is good. And the premium design with black textured back and gold coated logo.

Other specifications:

  • Dual SIM 4G LTE enabled.

  • Multi tasking.

  • Different gestures to call, play music and unlock.

  • Liquid user interface.

  • DTS studio sound and high resolution audio.

Price And Availability:

Acer Liquid Z630S is available for 10,999 rs. which exclusively launch on 12th November at flipkart. One of the best budget phone with an awesome feature and specifications.


Above are the some awesome features of the Acer Liquid device and one of the best phone from liquid series. The best android phone under 10000? Lots of features in a reasonable price. Just go for it.

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Monday 7 December 2015

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How Online Shopping is Advantageous and Disadvantageous at Same Time?

Online shopping though had been associated with number of benefits, but it also has certain disadvantages too. Most of us have seen the advantages of online shopping, hardly few of us will be aware about its disadvantages. Here, in this article, we have discussed about some of the greatest advantages and disadvantages of shopping online. If you love to shop online or are planning to start online shopping, you should be aware about them. Go through the comparison and decide whether online shopping is for you or not?Online shopping

Advantages of Shopping Online

Most of us will be aware of some of the greatest advantages of online shopping. Still, we have discussed about few advantages of shopping online.

  • Comfort & Easiness: It is always really comfortable to sit at your home and buy different products online without the need of moving out shop to shop in search of the best. You can never get tired up browsing through different categories and ranges of products available across various online shopping portals.

  • Number of Deals Available: You can easily come across hundreds of shopping deals that are running over different shopping websites luring you to buy the products. The deals may be active on festive seasons and you can make full use of these offers.

  • Coupons Available: Coupons and promo codes are readily available to fetch you discounts on your purchase. You can always end up getting discounts on your purchase while shopping online.

  • Easy Deliveries: The product that you have purchased can be delivered at your address without any hassle. The best part is that you can track the product till its delivery and stay informed about it. Most of the shopping websites promises on time delivery with unadulterated products.

  • Easy Return/Exchange Policy: If you have ordered the product that you do not like after the delivery then you need not to worry at all. Most of the popular shopping sites offer easy return and exchange of the product. You can exchange the product if you do not like it and can even return it in few cases.

  • Easy Payments: You can choose to pay with different options. You can make the payments through debit/credit cards or can even pay through net banking. Cash on delivery option is there for number of products.

Disadvantages of Shopping Online

Above, we have mentioned few advantages of shopping online, but here we have listed certain disadvantages of shopping online so that you can give a second though to it.

  • You may get theft: You may get lured away with the attractive offers at times and this might let you to fall into big troubles. You might share your personal information unknowingly and this is one of the biggest disadvantages of online shopping.

  • Wrong Products: Sometimes, you ordered a thing and a different thing appeared at your place. This is one of the most common things that happen with people when they are shopping online. This might cause problem when the product is needed at particular time and it is delivered wrongly.

  • Become too Lazy: Because everything is available online, you become reluctant to go outside for offline shopping and hardly bother to do that.

  • You become addictive: Addiction to online shopping is one of the habits that regular online shoppers develop. They keep on wasting their time and money on buying unnecessary products.

  • Credit/Debit Card Information is Shared: Though, sharing the card information on trusted online sites is not a problem, but if the site is non-trusted and you share the vital information then you might get into trouble.

  • Late Deliveries: Most of the shopping portals that are popular, hardly delivers the product late. But, the sites that are launched newly or have poor delivery system make the deliveries late. This causes irritation and at the same time if you have paid the money, you can even not cancel the order.

Final Say

Above we have discussed about the flaws and benefits of online shopping. You can go through these points and consider whether you wish to be an online shopper or wish to do shopping offline. Online shopping though provides you latest offers and discounts, but offline shopping ensures that you test the quality of products. It is up to you, whish way to choose?
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Monday 7 September 2015

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Top Easy Ways To Make Money From Blogging

As you know guys there is a lot of methods to earn bucks from online. But most of the money websites or work from home or data entry are scams. You know, how do bloggers make money? There are different ways of money making blogs generates huge amount of bucks. So, Here I will show you the easiest and best methods to earn some bucks from blogging. Depending upon your blog rank, traffic and readers you can get some decent bucks per month easily.

Make Money Blogging
Make Money Blogging

How To Earn Money Using Android Device

Ways To Make Money Blogging:

Advertising Networks:

There are lots of advertising networks, which pays for monetizing our blog. Google adsence is the best Ad network which pays huge amount. But the thing is getting the approval of Adsence  is not easy you should follow the policies of adsence.Don't worry there is other alternatives like yahoo media ads,Chitika Ads,Info links and do not fall into a scam like paisalive etc.Better to prefer first Google adsence then go for alternatives.Decent traffic is enough to get some good bucks.

Sell Your Ads Space:

Not only monetize with advertising networks, but we can sell ad space to advertisers by directly contact them.Or else publish your ad space in Buysellads  Depending upon your traffic ,blog readers you can get the ads space.So, keep your blog upto date ,Good content automatically you will good readers and decent traffic to your blog.Then easily you can achieve big advertisers.

Affiliated Marketing:

It is one the trend going on blog-sphere in a short time we can generate huge amount.If you refer a person to buy product then you will get some commission. There are lots of affiliated advertising networks depending up on your blog niche. So, better to go for good affiliated program and select on going trends, product to get some decent bucks.

Paid Post Networks:

There a lot of paid post networks and also top bloggers hire you for writing a good article then you can get paid per article. So, prove them you're having good skills and way of writing an article to attract readers. Better to go for good networks.

Sponsored Reviews:

If you're having a decent traffic and good Alexa rank. Then sponsors automatically contact you for their product review.If you review their product you can get paid per review.If you want good sponsors with big amount of bucks.Then you must have below 50k Alexa.Easy and best way to get some decent bucks.Just you have write a review of a product and publish them on your blog.

Professional Blogger?:

If you're a professional blogger and having a good skills in link building ,SEO expert etc.Then you must work as a freelancer.There lots of bloggers, eCommerce website and Online store websites they need link building ,SEO etc to promote their products, Business. SO, they contact you to grow audience and business plans.Best to go with freelancing .

Event Niche Blogging:

In the span of one year you people see lots of events and festivals around the world.So,if you go for that niche then you will generate huge amount of bucks in short span of time.Just need a event name as a domain name and make lots of backlinks to get first page of google then after monetizing your blog with advertising networks.


All the above working methods of 2014 to earn bucks from blogging . Try to get some decent traffic to get some good bucks.Don't forget to share with your friends

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