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Thursday 8 February 2018

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5 Reasons you should Practice with Educational Apps for NEET

The rapid growth in technology has completely changed our life’s perspective. Technology has proven to be a blessing in several sectors, especially in the field of education. It has changed our approach towards learning in many ways. It has made students more independent and has transformed the complete preparation methodology. Gone are the days when students had to spend a lot of time travelling to coaching centers and pay heavy fees. Now, they can prepare for competitive exams, including NEET at the comfort of home with the help of educational apps.

The students have started relying more and more on digital medium of preparation after introduction of various educational mobile apps which are free of cost and can be installed at just a click on a phone, tablet or laptop. They provide ease and flexibility to students to learn whenever they wish to.

These educational apps are beneficial to students in many ways- they provide chapter-wise revision, interactive videos of all the topics and have various other attributes which help the students to have better understanding of concepts.

Here are 5 reasons why you should opt for educational apps.

24/7 Availability

One major advantage of these educational apps is that they do not leave you time bound. You can study at your own ease, whenever you want to. You can adjust the time according to your schedule.

Since the study material is always available on the app, you can also skip a particular topic if it doesn’t seem interesting at that particular time and jump back to it later. This unique feature discriminates it majorly from the traditional learning method which makes students time bound.

Fun and interactive learning

With the help of these educational apps, students get a better approach in grasping topics. The apps impart in depth knowledge of the subjects as these come up with a chapters-vise approach for covering all the topics of NEET.

The videos present in the apps are made in a way as to interest the students, with various features such as 3-D animations and in air projection, which not only make the videos fun but also help students understand the concepts in an easier way.

Study materials and Question papers

These apps generally cover the entire NEET syllabus. Usually the study materials on these educational apps are linked to various online libraries and with the help of these, students can refer to multiple books for their preparation for topics such as respiratory system, reproduction, nervous system, DNA and biotechnology.

Also most of these apps include previous years question papers which the students can solve to get a better understanding of syllabus and paper pattern.

Mock tests and Practice papers

Most of these apps have a separate section for mock and practice test. Almost all the apps come with 100+ mock tests. Students can take up these tests as many times as they wish. Certain apps conduct online examination and give you a detailed analysis of your answers after a couple of hours whereas other apps come with in-build solutions for these test. These help the students analyze where they stand and help them improve their weaker areas.

Learning at your own pace

Often students face difficulty at maintaining the same pace as the faculty. Sometimes a teacher seems to fast or too slow but this is not the case with educational apps. If you feel you did not understand a particular topic you can play it again and again, till you get a grip over it.

Many of these educational apps also provide customized adaptive learning modules which help the students to learn complex topics.


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