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Saturday 9 April 2016

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Share Songs Without Bluetooth From Your Android

As we cannot live without music, it is but imperative that we all search for fast and smoother ways to find out about new songs and listen to them as soon as we can. The only deterrent is the flow of these files which carry rays of sunshine with them; if the transfer is convenient, nothing can make us happier.


Though Bluetooth is no less than a godsend for everyone through which media can be shared, it cannot be denied that many a times, we wish that Bluetooth had some additional features; for instance, the ability to make the transfers faster, and the feature of making multiple transfers with different users at the same time. Catering to all the limitations of media transfer over Bluetooth, has come up with Reach app through which songs can be transferred without Bluetooth. Unlike other sharing apps, Reach has the advantage that the user can screen the songs of his/her friends, download the songs on the storage media of the app itself, and listen to the songs even when offline. The user only has to ask for permission once for accessing other person’s playlist. Post that, the playlist can be accessed anywhere, anytime, without the constraints that Bluetooth transfer has. Even uploading of the songs is not required, as the app syncs the files itself. But at the same time, the visibility of the files can be controlled.

Steps To Share Songs With Your Friends:

Step 1: Download and Install Reach App.

Step 2: Register with your mobile and fill your profile.

Step 3: Just invite your friend to reach app to  share songs and apps, Even you can download from him/her.

Step 4: After your friend joins, Send request to your friend and after accepting request. Now you can share or listen from your friend's library.

Step 5: Here you done!

Reach App Features:

  • App come with music player where you can directly play songs and share.

  • You can listen songs offline.

  • Make your songs private by enabling hidden to everyone.

  • Even apps also can be hide.

  • Lock your friends.

  • User Friendly Application.


Currently in its version 1, Reach has already started winning hearts because of the smooth music transfer that it provides to its users. If you also wish to experience how heavenly it feels like to not be dependent upon Bluetooth, be constrained by horizons, and ask for your friends to show you their playlist every time you want to hear something new, try Reach. You will not let Reach go out of life thereafter. Happy music sharing!


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