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Monday 5 September 2016

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5 MultiPlayer Android Games You Must Try

If you wish to play some awesome games, you really don’t need to buy a huge desktop or Xbox to do that. Android smartphones or tablets are enough to fulfill your requirement. There are some amazing multiplayer games out there which can be played with your friends, as a single player, in groups, through WiFi/ Bluetooth and of course through different platforms like Android, iOS and Window devices.


There is a perfect collection of Multiplayer games on internet, most of them are free and quite good at their work, that is entertainment. Here we have an incredible collection of 5 multiplayer games for your devices be it Android, iOS or Windows.

Let’s read them out and pick out the best one:-


  • Mortal Kombat X

    Price: Free

It is definitely a flawless games. Mortal Kombat X is the most horrifying, brutal and violent game that has been released for Android users. Or maybe you can say the biggest console fighting game is now available in Android market for free.

Users just need to choose their favorite fighter, select three team members, collect guns, bombs and other weapons and then create, destroy, break and finish your enemy team. This is all you have to do with Mortal Kombat X.

  1. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

  Price: Free

When you have Modern Combat 5: Blackout in your smartphone, you don’t need to take a day off from work. Play this amazing game anywhere and anytime you want. It is the most amazing looking game you will ever find on any device.

It is a multiplayer game where you can team up with people, collect weapons needed for the warfare and take down your enemy team. It is a tactical warfare game you will find explosives, weapons and firepower to finish your enemies. So if you are a fan of violence and war then this game is made for you!

  1. 8 Ball Pool

  Price: Free

Ball Pool game is a very different game as compared to Mortal Kombat and Modern Combat 5. It is quite silent and relaxing multiplayer game where you can play pool against the whole world. It is mainly for people who love to show off their skills to the world. 8 Ball Pool game is available on different platforms like Android, FaceBook and other gaming platforms.

It is especially designed for people who are skilled in pool.  This game allows you to play with friends and family online without any tension of internet allowance or viruses to hijack your device. It is totally safe and secure.

  1. Order & Chaos 2: Redemption

  Price: Free

Order and Chaos 2: Redemption is technically a very different game from what we have  discussed above. It allows you to fight against massive and ugly creatures alongside your friends or solo. It is a huge multiplayer game running successfully online.

There are different characters to choose. Select your Character’s class and become one of the warrior or sorcerer, watch the monster in front and begin a whole new journey completely filled with hundreds of quest and new monsters to fight with.

  1. N.O.V.A 3 Freedom Edition

Price: Free

If you wish to play one of the best multiplayer game on your Android device then N.O.V.A 3 Freedom Edition is the right choice.It is a Sci-Fi FPS that surely delivers one of the best explosives and weapons to play, amazing graphic design and great action to notice.

You can play the game with 7 different player at a time either solo or alongside friends. Use vehicles together for your team members and fight against your feo easily. It is an amazing game for people who love lightening fast actions and striking voice when in action.


These were the top 5 multiplayer games for Android. They all are free and available online. You and your friends can play the games together and show off your results and scores on all social media sites. They all are 100% free and good quality games. I bet you all are going to enjoy them!

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