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Sunday 28 August 2016

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SQL Recovery Tool to Recover Corrupt SQL Database [Review]

SQL Server is a relational database that saves the data, which can be regained by the application when required. However, similar to other databases, database of SQL server is also prone to corruption, which results in corruption of data residing within database. Now, the question arises how to recover corrupt SQL database? One such way to overcome from this situation is to use the third party utility, i.e. SQL Recovery Tool that recovers the corrupted SQL database. This review discusses about the same based on the testing performed on the software.


SQL Recovery Tool helps to recover the inaccessible MDF and NDF file and export it into SQL Server database. It retrieves both primary as well as secondary database in original form. It is programmed in a way that it previews all the scanned database items. It automatically detects the SQL Server version of MDF and NDF file.

Different Editions of SQL Recovery Tool

The tool is available in two editions, i.e. Demo and Licensed. User can select any edition accordingly.

  • Demo Version

The Demo version is fully free to utilize by simply downloading it from the official website of company. As it is a free edition, so there are some limitations, i.e. it permits users to preview all the recovered components but cannot store and export them.

  • Licensed Version

It is a paid edition of the tool that can be purchased from the company’s official site. It allows users to retrieve, save, and export them into SQL Server Database.

Essential Features of SQL Recovery Tool

SQL Recovery Tool is an application that helps to recover corrupt SQL database and export them to server database. There are some of the features of the tool as mentioned below:

  • Automatically detects Server Edition

The application is designed in such a way that it detects SQL Server version of MDF and NDF file. However, it is suggested to check the suitable the version of SQL Server manually in case if user is well alert of SQL Server edition.sql-recovery-tool-1

  • Previews Whole Data items

The utility previews all scanned and recovered items of database such as keys, column, triggers, indexes, procedures, tables, and functions with an item count. It helps by making easier for users to confirm if the resulting contents are similar to original data.sql-recovery-tool-2

  • Compatible with Windows OS

SQL Recovery Tool is compatible with all Windows based Operating system to perform the recovery of data. It is supports all Windows editions such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc. It also supports both 32 and 64-bit version of Windows.

  • Export Selective Files of SQL

The application exports the desired data items from NDF and MDF file and save it. It helps to save time and effort of user and gets the selected data after performing the procedure of recovery of corrupt SQL database.


  • Execute Advance & Quick Scan

The software is designed in such a way that it offers two modes of data scanning before performing the procedure. Quick scanning option is for corruption of normal database and Advance mode is for server database corruption of file.sql-recovery-tool-4

  • Supports Advanced Data Type

SQL Recovery Tool supports the data type of advance type for performing the database recovery. It contains sql_variant, Datetime2, geography data types, hierarchyid, datetimeoffset. It also supports Unicode and ASCII XML data types.

  • Save File Scan For Future

In case the size of the MDF and NDF file from which the data is recovered it too large and the user might needs to use it again in the future therefore, file can be saved in the software itself. Once it is scanned, the file can be stored in way to store the re-scanning time of the file.sql-recovery-tool-5

  • Store Data In SQL Database/ Script

Once the entire SQL MDF and NDF file data is recovered, the user can save the data directly either in SQL Server database or can save it in SQL compatible scripts. For saving it to SQL server, the server name, username, and password should be known.



SQL Recovery Tool offers various useful features for users to performing the recovery of corrupt SQL database. The application supports all Windows based operating system as well as stores data in SQL database or script accordingly. However, the software does not permit bulk recovery of MDF files.


Considering the performance of the SQL Recovery Tool, it can be rated as 9.5/10. Although the software fails to the recovery of MDF files in bulk. However, it efficiently retrieves the highly inaccessible files. In addition, its in-built and simple interface is very helpful for users to recover SQL database. To sum it all up my recommendation for all other users is that this utility is definitely worth trying.


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