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Sunday 10 April 2016

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XPLOREE KEYBOARD: Chat, Discover, Search And Offers

Xploree Keyboard is an extremely innovative and user friendly app currently trending amongst the Android users. This app is known for its exceptional features and ease of use, while at the same time it is very creative in terms of its themes and ‘Presto’ option. The success of this app and its greatness was further elevated when it received the honour of being 2015’s new innovative app. Frost & Sullivan is a research and consulting firm which announced this app for the “2015 New Product Innovation Award”. The reason for this app being a huge hit among Android users is it myriad of options wherein it lets you discover a number of deals, offers, coupons, products and services as you chat using this keyboard. Hence, it makes the most effective use of a person’s time.Xploree1


General Information:

Xploree keyboard is currently available for the Android users with OS version of 4.0 and more. This falls under the Free Lifestyle App category on the Google Play store. It was published on the play store on the 3rd of March 2016 by KeyPoint Technologies and since then it has received great response. Currently it has a rating of ‘4.2’ on Google Play store with around 3000 users who found it good enough to rate it. It has a 100 thousand downloads approximately. This app proves to be ideal for those accustomed to this fast moving world. It helps you get information and notifications about the various products and brands as you converse. Also, one of its most amazing features is the coupon save option. This ensures that you are able to decide to use the coupons of interest after exploring more options and finally narrowing down to the best suited deal for you. This makes this app an absolutely productive, non – intrusive mobile platform which has high language intelligence.

After you install this app from the play store and open it you will be asked to enable this keyboard in your phone. After enabling you will be directed to the main home screen of the app. On clicking the drop down menu available on the home screen you will see the following major options:


This option takes you to the actual environment wherein you will have to type in the text for your conversations. This is the actual platform which is the main central application of this app. Once you start typing the text you will find a lot of enhancements in the keyboard. You will have the Yahoo link icon and the Xploree Keyboard app icon(Presto) on either side of the keyboard. The rest of the keyboard is similar to your normal Google keyboard. Chat with your friends and discover offer's and quick search icon to search anything while chatting. Share offers with your friends and much more in one platform.Xploreediscover


The next option is listed down is the ‘themes’ option. Every one of us always prefer a bit of customisation which would give us some comfort both in form of usage and appearance. To provide us with the joy of adding such exciting customisations this app has the Themes option. Here you can select from a wide variety of colour themes and animation themes which will be reflected in your keyboard. These themes make your typing experience more colourful and lively. Currently Xploree offers 24 colour based themes which have a mixture of solid as well as gradient colours. It also has 8 special animation themes which makes the experience even more exciting. To name a few of the animation themes, they have Shadow night, love affair, Cricket and so on.xploreetheme


This is the third option in line from the top of the menu. This typically saves all the discounts, offers and coupons that you would come across while you converse using this keyboard. As and when you encounter sudden surprise notifications based on the words you text you can save it and later find all your saved discounts in this area. This way you need not have to worry about missing some offers and at the same time can choose from a number of saved offers and then choose the best out of all. This is the main purpose of this option.dx3


This is the next and most important menu option. This provides you with the overall control of all the keyboard features. You can enable or disable whatever controls you prefer and design a comfortable and smooth environment for you. Here you have options like ‘Glide’ and ‘Xploree Blob’ which lets the user choose the movement of fingers while typing (slide without lifting or normal). Next you have the dictionary and shortcuts option which will be of great use once you set it up according to your convenience. Following this you a hell lot of keyboard customisation options wherein you can modify the functionalities of the keyboard. You have control options like Auto spacing, Extended character bubble, Popup on Keypress, Auto correction, Keyboard layout, Sound on keys and Vibrate on keys.xploreesettings


Finally you have the Language selection option which is another feature which was the reason for this app’s wide reach. Currently it provides you with 112 languages in total to choose from.xdf


Presto helps you to discover more and better offer's pop's up with new offer's. User-friendly and help's you to find discount's and offer while chatting.xploreepresto


In its latest version the new features that were included are Presto Tile enhancement, Xploree Blob, Hindi language and Astro card. The Presto tile is the icon which helps us explore the various discounts and offers as we type across various apps. Xploree blob is a shortcut to take you to the discover screen directly. Astro card predicts your day to day astrology.

Make the best use of this productive and innovative app. Stay tuned, more new upcoming features and customizations.


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