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Sunday 14 January 2018

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Download Opus Player APK Latest Version for Whatsapp

Hey guys , I'm back with an awesome application where you can listen all your voice notes of whats app. Recently whats app changed the audio file. So, you can't listen on your mobile default player. Here's the article to list whats app voice notes and also telegram. Even it supports the other social networking audio file formats.

Best feature is you can listen all audio files at one place. And also having the feature to sort by date or name. I believe this one is best when compared to other applications. Change icon's, rename file and much more features.

Download Opus Player For Android:

This application is for all android users and compatible with tablets and other devices. You can directly download from Google play store .

Features of Opus Player:

* It supports all file managers to grab audio files.

* Rename the audio files.

*Change the icons of audio files.

*Listen voice notes in loudspeaker or with inbuilt calling speaker.

*Sorted files with default dates.

Opus player is also supports for other social networking apps. Listen voice notes of what apps easily and it supports other format. All voice notes together in one place. No need to search in what apps. It automatically sync the whatapps audio files and sort automatically in date wise. The bad is it contains ads when you will connected to wifi or mobile data. 

If you have any questions feel free to comment will try our best to solve. Please share with your friends and thanks for reading the article.

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Sunday 29 October 2017

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HyperX Comic Con at Hyderabad 2017

The HyperX gaming peripheral company and a division of Kingston technology, known for their range of mouse, mechanical keyboard and headphones designed for gaming purposes, sponsored the ESL India Premiership at Comic Con Hyderabad, for the second time in a row. It was a two-day event, held on 14th and 15th of October, 2017, where hundreds and thousands of game lovers joined the make the event a huge success.

HyperX organized for all gamers to come at the event and experience their gaming products. One such event was the ‘HyperX Blindfold Challenge’ where the participants were blind folded and were provided with 7.1 surround sound to play the game based on what they hear.


HyperX has launched headset gears like Clod, Cloud Stinger, Cloud Alpha, Cloud Revolver to mesmerize the market with the best gaming audio experience ever. The Cloud Alpha’s revolutionary Dual Chamber Drivers feature will give your audio more distinction and clarity by minimizing the distortion. The dual chambers separate the bass from the mids and highs, allowing optimal tuning for clearer and fine audio. It is also durable with the use of aluminum with expanded headbands and noise cancellation feature forms one of its best attributes. If you’re serious about gaming, the Cloud Revolver series is your thing; it will give you the maximum competitive advantage over other products of the same price range. Use of solid-steel for durability and studio grade sound stage will give you an extra advantage over your enemies. If you are looking for the combination of light weight comfort and an all-round audio experience then the Cloud Stinger series is your stop.

One essential feature of HyperX headphones is their compatibility with consoles and here also this pair of headphones excel. You can easily connect them to the consoles.


 These HyperX has launched RGB keyboard, a sensational discovery in the world of gaming. keyboards are made using a solid steel frame. They are compact in size and provide great durability, reliability. They are ideal for high level play. The CHERRY MX key switches used are reliable enough. They are suitable for both professional gamers and ones who are new in the field. The red backlight keys help in producing dynamic lighting effects and thus help you to flaunt your style. The keyboard is also portable with a detachable cable that helps you to connect it wherever required. So gamers…let the game begin wherever you wish to!

The Keyboards also come with carriage bags so that you can carry them wherever you feel like.

There are three different types of keys from which the gamers can choose from, depending upon their requirements:

Cherry MX Blue: This one is used for getting a greater tactile response.

Cherry MX Brown: This one can be used for balancing speed, comfort and accuracy.

Cherry MX Red: If your game wants you to be super-responsive, this is the one you should go for.


The new PulseFire TM Gaming Mouse from HyperX features a gaming sensor which includes four different DPI settings along with LED indicators of various specifications to select from. It also uses a lightweight design so that the gamer can handle it with ease. The buttons present are ultra-responsive and provide you tactile feedback for a better performance. The mouse is also slip-resistant and hence there is no chance of skipping. The slip-resistant grip of the mouse ensures that you can use it for long hours in a comfortable manner.

There is a Precise Pixart Optimal Sensor which improves the accuracy of gaming. 

The new products launched by HyperX, just like the popular ones from this brand, are designed to provide great utility.
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Sunday 17 September 2017

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Online Money Making Secrets With SEOclerks

SEOClerks- A marketplace to buy or sell anything online. Originally it was used for only SEO services but it has now expanded its services just like fiverr. A platform for freelancers and talented people offering services at a minimum price of $1 to $100. It is the largest marketplace which offers SEO services and few other jobs at an affordable pricing. Freelancers are connected with the customers looking for services related to SEO or Social Network making easy money with SEOclerks.
Many services are included in SEO, some of which are Graphic Design, Programmers, Translation, Web Designers, Black hat SEO and White hat SEO, etc.  

Working of SEOClerks

Creating a Service- For Sellers

Sellers are the ones who require a particular skill different from other seller in order to make their gig attractive. Gig is something which includes the detailed description of the type of services a seller is providing. Brief description is necessary for the buyer who will be looking forward to buy your services. Customer satisfaction is very important for the seller to become one of the top sellers.

Buying a Service- For Buyers

Buyers can look for services simply by logging into Buyers have the options to choose from various categories and order the gig according to their choice. If the required services are not available then a buyer can request for create a want to buy request where multiple sellers can bid on your service. As soon as the sellers bid are selected by the buyer, seller should start working and deliver the project in the desired time.

Some of the examples to start a gig

  • Article
  • eBook
  • Service
  • Video
  • Software
  • Data entry jobs
  • Translation
  • Blog reviews
  • Facebook/ Twitter likes

SEOClerks competitors include

  1. Online marketplace offering services and tasks. It is used by the freelancers offering their services worldwide. Its services are range between $5 and $500. It lists more than 3 million services on their platform.
  2. It allows the user to buy and sell the services. A user is not allowed to post the same job twice. Duplicate gig will be deleted.
  3. It is a marketplace for micro jobs with a fixed price of $4 per gig.
  4. It offers a platform for freelancers to make money. A user can post as many gigs as they like.
Services offered by the marketplaces include
  • Programming
  • Translation
  • Video Editing
  • Logo Design
  • Article Writing
  • SEO
  • Software
  • Business card
  • Animation
All charges 20% commission for every transaction except, it charges 8 to 20% depending on the level of the seller.
In case of SEOClerks when you refer a new member and that member joins SEOClerks, it provides you with a 10% commission on every sale they make, which means when they earn money you earn as well.
Withdrawal of payments
  • SEOClerks- For level 3 sellers it takes 2 days after marking the order complete for the payment to be credited in the account. For level 1 and 2 it takes on an average 8 business days. Minimum withdrawal required is $5. Its customer support response time is 12 hours
  • Fiverr- Its customer support response time is 3 days and another 14 days for the payment to get credited after marking the order complete. Minimum withdrawal requires is $5.
  • Minimum withdrawal is $4 and there is no waiting period for the payment to be credited, it will be credited as soon as the order is marked complete.
  • asks for a minimum of $4.
  • asks for minimum withdrawal of $8.


  • Fiverr ask for a minimum of $5 per gig, their extra gig range from $5 - $200.
  • SEOClerks price for its services ranges from $1 - $100.
  • price for services ranges from $1 to $1000 + extra.
  • price for services ranges from $5 to $20.
  • charges a fixed price of $4.
Better pricing options are available on the basis of the sellers read level. It is quite difficult for a seller on Fiverr, and to rate its services with a fixed minimum amount.  
SEOClerks is best among the alternatives as it is the fastest growing marketplace for providing SEO services and micro jobs at affordable rates, better response time and quality services as compared to others. It does not allow their users to face any problems regarding discontinuing or ban of the account. It makes sure that their users make money at the earliest.
SEOClerks is the only marketplace providing a $5 signup bonus and $2 bonus card for tweet related to SEOClerks. It further provides additional 10% commission for every new member is referred to the site, which means every time that member makes money, you’re the one also making money.
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Thursday 24 August 2017

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Zomato Online Food Order Facility And Offers For Users

When ordering your favorite food item online, there are various things that can make your experience uncommon. These tips can enable you to spare cash and in addition get the best out of your nourishment encounter. We can't ask much else besides delectable sustenance at stash neighborly cost. To make your request economical dependably arrange from a nearby eatery. There are numerous great places close you that offer extraordinary nourishment. Check every one of the eateries that convey to your address from Zomato and submit your request subsequent to perusing through their menus. You may not know requesting nourishment from far away eateries implies paying additional. Just on the off chance that there is an exceptionally uncommon place that is well known and you need to taste its remarkable dishes than arrange from an eatery that is away, generally neighborhood eateries are the best wager with naturally arranged food items at low cost. User must use zomato promo code to get extra discount whenever they opt for online food order.

It is genuine good judgment to peruse eatery menus according to the kind of nourishment you need to arrange. In any case, it can be extremely basic with stages like Zomato that offer separate classifications for lunch, supper, and breakfast. The eatery aggregator has organized best places in various classes to make online sustenance requesting conceivable in a couple of simple strides. Simply tap on the kind of supper you need to arrange and get every well known decision.

Another valuable approach to guarantee an incredible nourishment encounter is to check the client evaluations and audits of the place from where you are submitting the request. The surveys accessible on stages like Zomato are certified, dependably check the normal evaluations and the things past clients have said. It can be truly useful, especially in the event that you are organizing sustenance for a unique event or gathering. The evaluations depend on different factors, for example, benefit, cleanliness, mood of the place, esteem for cash, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Specific offers availed by the zomato for customers

  • Order food online and save 20% amount.
  • Flat 15% off on order. (This offer is applicable in selected cities)
  • Flat INR 50 off when order amount is more than INR 200.
  • First time order offer flat Rs 75 when order amount is more than INR 300.
  • Order from app and save up to 15%.
  • Freecharge Zomato Offer: Upto Rs 100 Discount (All Users).
  • Pay through paytm wallet and save 20% extra.

You can likewise check the best deals and discounts accessible on eateries to spare some cash on your request. It would all be able to appear to be long, yet is conceivable in couple of simple strides. To start with, visit a trusted offers and coupons site that posts most recent arrangements of the site you need to arrange. Snatch the offer that fulfills your need, now make a beeline for the site and request your nourishment benefiting the deals. You can likewise get promos code; utilize them for additional reserve funds.
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Wednesday 5 July 2017

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Online Exam Preparation Resources in India

E-learning has gained very much popularity in the last a few decades because of the evolution of various wonderful online learning resources. Online study for exams is not only a convenient method of study but also it is an affordable and easily accessible resource. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most useful online exam preparation tools and resources used by Indian students for the preparation of their exams, especially competitive exams.

There are many benefits of online exam preparation. You can download the study material and test papers online and read them on your system and even on your mobile phone, anytime. Most of the online study resources are free to use so you don’t have to spend any more money on physical books. You get a lot of assistant from industry experts and those who have already qualified the exam you’re preparing for. So, just go for it. Here are some tools that can help you get the most out of your online study efforts.

Online Tests (Study Material) Websites

There are now more than hundreds of websites in India that provide free and paid online tests and study material for thousands of competitive exams going on in the country. Students can easily access these websites to get daily free dose of online learning, download study material and/or sample test papers, practice online with mock tests, and more.


Blogs are another wonderful way to increase your knowledge about anything. A blog is like an online journal where people share useful tips, suggestions, job notifications and more to help others who are preparing online for exams. Blogs are free and easiest method to know more about any topics or find useful tips to prepare for an online exam. Most competitive exam blogs run as a job portal where you can get the latest notifications about upcoming and ongoing exams, and get study tips for popular bank exams, AFCAT, RRB, SSC and other such exams.

Question-Answer Sites

Many people have heard and even have used question-answer sites like Yahoo answers, Quora, and but only a few people actually know that these websites are wonderful for the online preparation of any exam. Basically, you can ask any types of the questions there related to anything including e-learning and an exam. Quora is the best of them. Just search for anything on the website and you’ll get tons of questions answered by the professionals and industry experts. And you can ask your own questions there as well.


Wikipedia is like an online database of everything significant. You want to know more about a famous exam or institute or person, you search on this website. Although Wikipedia is created, operated and run by general public, the content here is properly vetted before being published. So, you can be assured of getting the right and good knowledge about any exam here. Many students are already using the site to regularly prepare for their schooling exams, competitive exams, or just to improve their knowledge.

Online Forums

Forums are the websites where people discuss certain topics. You can find online many education and career forums in India where regular discussions take place about the ongoing exams. You will that many questions are asked and answered by the community members to help themselves and others. Any of your exam related query like notification, exam type, tips, doubts, etc. can be solved here.

Social Media Sites

Social media sites like Facebook have emerged as a wonderful platform for online exam study in only the past few years. Thousands of students are using online Facebook groups and pages to prepare better for their exams. They are like free discussions rooms where useful information and study resources are shared regularly. You can even subscribe to one or more career groups to get notifications of the latest exams, etc.

Online Book Shopping

Fortunately, you no longer have to visit a local book shop and spend your precious time buying books for exam preparation. Websites like Amazon and Flipkart let you select and buy the best books online for any exam at reduced rates. You can read blogs and forums to find out the best books, and then you can buy these books online to get them delivered to your home.
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Sunday 11 June 2017

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Contentmart: A Reliable Source for Content Writing and Translation Services

Contentmart is a content writing company which is a marketplace for content where content buyers and content writers are brought together. Contentmart has on its rolls over 63,000 freelance content writers. As a logical extension of its content writing services, Contentmart has also added translation services to its bouquet of services with expert translators in over 20 languages.

The fast paced world that businesses face today leaves absolutely no time for anyone to experiment. Therefore, when clients need content writing services they need to find a good content writing agency or a company. Contentmart is one of the best content writing companies in the market. It has carved a special niche for itself by putting together an extensive assemblage of good quality freelance content writers. In today’s Internet connected world, language assumes significance because every piece of information can be transmitted in a fraction of a second. Imagine transacting a business activity with a Chinese supplier and he has sent a quotation in Chinese language, which the client is ignorant about. This is where quick and reliable translation services become important.

Hire Writers and Translators

For Content Writers

Contentmart has a selection process for clients to hire professional writers in an effortless manner. They just have to place an order with the necessary details and the order is flashed on Contentmart’s website. Freelance content writers on the website bid for the job. The client has the opportunity to assess the suitability of the bidders and hire content writers.

Similarly, if the client requires translation, there is a simple process for hiring translators. Follow the instruction below:

Quality Writers and Translators

Contentmart has a system to grade its freelance content writers, so as to help clients hire content writers of required quality. There are four levels under which freelance content writers are placed – standard, experienced, verified and handpicked. Writers undergo various tests administered by Contentmart to evaluate their credentials and be placed at the appropriate skill level. For translation, the this translation company has enrolled translators after subjecting them to specific translation-oriented tests in different languages.
Contentmart Promises

Contentmart has content writing services and translation services for almost all kinds of content. It could be business documents, emails, presentations or online content. Content may be on any topic such as agriculture, technical, entertainment, sports, finance, business, etc. There are freelance content writers who are experts in academic writing, blog writing, copy writing, speech writing and ghost writing. Translations could be for books, video games content, slogans and advertisements. Whatever the requirement is, Contentmart puts your hunt for an ideal writer or translator to an end.

Contentmart’s content writing services and translation services are specifically designed to benefit all the parties, the client, the freelance content writer and the translator. The website’s registered content writers are given an opportunity to take up translation with a simple registration process. This means that the website which is a content writing company can draw upon its huge bank of freelance content writers in several languages whose quality has already been ascertained. This augurs well for the clients who need translation services as they can avail of the high level of quality services from the company.

The pricing for content writing is mutually agreed upon or determined by a bidding process. For translation, Contentmart charges a flat US$0.12 per word.

With multilingual content writing services. whatever be the requirement in content writing services or translation services Contentmart is the best choice to go with to fulfill every content related need.
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Friday 17 March 2017

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The Fastest Way to Reset Forgotten Windows 7 Password

UUkeys is a third party software that can help you reset the login password of your Windows 7 powered PC. You don’t need to possess any special skills or experience to us it. Also, there is no information lost when using this technique. This is a good approach, especially if you compare it to factory reset or windows reinstall.
Windows Password Recovery Tool
In this guide, we are going to use UUkeys Windows Password Mate to reset Windows 7 password. This amazing software has been used on some platforms powered by Windows and has proved to work without any issues. It is quite easy and fast as it takes a couple of minutes. While other programs take the whole day to find the right password. In addition to that, if you select the wrong program, you can easily cause a system crash and hence damage your PC.

The following are some of the tools you will need:

• Another PC or laptop

• A writable CD/DVD or a USB flash disk

• UUkeys software

The next step is to download and install the UUkeys windows password recovery software.

Installing UUkeys

First and foremost, use another computer or laptop that has administrative access. Now visit the UUkeys site and download the program from there. When done, follow the instructions and install it and the open and run the program from your PC.

Make Password reset disk using an USB flash disk

This method is highly recommended
There are two primary approaches to setting up a password reset disk. The first one is by using a USB flash drive and CD/DVD. The steps are quite similar. However, the USB flash drive is preferable because there are now so many computers that use USB flash and not DVD. After this, you need to prepare for a formatted USB flash disk or a brand new one with 250M+ of free space.

The next step is to insert the flash disk on a computer and ensure you don’t forget the name of the drive. From the Uukeys windows password recovery’s window, choose the device and click on the name of the drive on the list. Now, click the Burn USB tab. After a couple of minutes, the software will create a password reset disk. Once done, eject the drive and put it into the locked PC.

Change boot order in Windows 7

If set by default, the windows will boot. But, this may not be ideal because there is no way you can access the PC, due to the wrong password. You have to boot the PC from the password reset drive you created earlier. Therefore, you will need to change the default boot drive from the hard disk to the USB flash disk.

Once you are through with that, the next step is to power the locked PC and press the following key

• (F12/F12/F2/ESC/Delete)

Boot menu or enter into BISO settings. You also need to know that the key differs from brands and you have to carry out some research. In boot menu or Bios setting, change the boot device to USB and save. After that reboot your PC right away and the restart it to resent your password.

Bypass Windows 7

The UUkeys software will automatically load after boot up. The primary interface will be shown on the right screenshot. All the user accounts and admin will be displayed at the center of the program. Choose the one you want to adjust the password and select the reset password tab. The password of the selected account will become black in seconds. Once done, reboot the system and remove the password recovery disk from your PC.


The above is the best method to reset the Windows 7 password. Please share with your friends and comment down if you face any issues. 
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Sunday 29 January 2017

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SMS Bomber Working Sites To Prank Your Friends 2017

Want to prank your friends with a lot of messages? So, here the post for you to spam anyone mobile with continues messages. Just you need to type the number and how many times want to bomb your friend enter a number. That's it, start flooding the SMS, and this post is for the only educational purpose. It's a loophole in the verification code. 
SMS Flooder

Nowadays most of the scripts are not working, and here I will list out some of the sites working like a charm. And also some sites having the limit of maximum 20 ms. Again I repeat this post is only for educational purpose. Check it out below are the some of the site working. Only in Indian numbers as working as of now. Will try to get SMS flooder for all over the world. And also in this tutorial, I will show how to block those messages also if someone bombs on you. Even you can create this script using PHP and embed on any site.

SMS Bomber Online For Free:

And you know there is a missed call bomber where you can prank your friend with calling them, and it's automatically get disconnected when they lift the call.

Features Of SMS Flooder: 

*No need of Captcha or Robot Verification.
*No Software required to send SMS.
*No Application is needed.
*No Need to signup the site.
*Just type the number and enter number how many times to send. And then hit button,
*Instant message delivery.
*Works on DND activated site and free to send unlimited messages.

How to Block Those Messages:

Here's the tutorial to stop those messages and also you can block the call's. Even you can block by going to Messages and then block or you can use third party application to block.
*Download and Install SMS Block App
*Open and then starting blocking the sms or completely the phone number.
*Even you can blacklist the number.
*Auto delete the spam messages with single click.
*Block unwanted or spam calls.
*Easy to use go for it.

List of working SMS Bomber Sites:

*Amaze Tricks 
*Missing Tricks.
*Security Noobs {Expired}
*Viral Deals

*Note this post is for only Education purpose.


All the above sites are working fine and will try to make this post up-to-date. And also update the new working sites. Please share with your friends and comment down any sites if you know. 
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