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Sunday 17 September 2017

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Online Money Making Secrets With SEOclerks

SEOClerks- A marketplace to buy or sell anything online. Originally it was used for only SEO services but it has now expanded its services just like fiverr. A platform for freelancers and talented people offering services at a minimum price of $1 to $100. It is the largest marketplace which offers SEO services and few other jobs at an affordable pricing. Freelancers are connected with the customers looking for services related to SEO or Social Network making easy money with SEOclerks.
Many services are included in SEO, some of which are Graphic Design, Programmers, Translation, Web Designers, Black hat SEO and White hat SEO, etc.  

Working of SEOClerks

Creating a Service- For Sellers

Sellers are the ones who require a particular skill different from other seller in order to make their gig attractive. Gig is something which includes the detailed description of the type of services a seller is providing. Brief description is necessary for the buyer who will be looking forward to buy your services. Customer satisfaction is very important for the seller to become one of the top sellers.

Buying a Service- For Buyers

Buyers can look for services simply by logging into Buyers have the options to choose from various categories and order the gig according to their choice. If the required services are not available then a buyer can request for create a want to buy request where multiple sellers can bid on your service. As soon as the sellers bid are selected by the buyer, seller should start working and deliver the project in the desired time.

Some of the examples to start a gig

  • Article
  • eBook
  • Service
  • Video
  • Software
  • Data entry jobs
  • Translation
  • Blog reviews
  • Facebook/ Twitter likes

SEOClerks competitors include

  1. Online marketplace offering services and tasks. It is used by the freelancers offering their services worldwide. Its services are range between $5 and $500. It lists more than 3 million services on their platform.
  2. It allows the user to buy and sell the services. A user is not allowed to post the same job twice. Duplicate gig will be deleted.
  3. It is a marketplace for micro jobs with a fixed price of $4 per gig.
  4. It offers a platform for freelancers to make money. A user can post as many gigs as they like.
Services offered by the marketplaces include
  • Programming
  • Translation
  • Video Editing
  • Logo Design
  • Article Writing
  • SEO
  • Software
  • Business card
  • Animation
All charges 20% commission for every transaction except, it charges 8 to 20% depending on the level of the seller.
In case of SEOClerks when you refer a new member and that member joins SEOClerks, it provides you with a 10% commission on every sale they make, which means when they earn money you earn as well.
Withdrawal of payments
  • SEOClerks- For level 3 sellers it takes 2 days after marking the order complete for the payment to be credited in the account. For level 1 and 2 it takes on an average 8 business days. Minimum withdrawal required is $5. Its customer support response time is 12 hours
  • Fiverr- Its customer support response time is 3 days and another 14 days for the payment to get credited after marking the order complete. Minimum withdrawal requires is $5.
  • Minimum withdrawal is $4 and there is no waiting period for the payment to be credited, it will be credited as soon as the order is marked complete.
  • asks for a minimum of $4.
  • asks for minimum withdrawal of $8.


  • Fiverr ask for a minimum of $5 per gig, their extra gig range from $5 - $200.
  • SEOClerks price for its services ranges from $1 - $100.
  • price for services ranges from $1 to $1000 + extra.
  • price for services ranges from $5 to $20.
  • charges a fixed price of $4.
Better pricing options are available on the basis of the sellers read level. It is quite difficult for a seller on Fiverr, and to rate its services with a fixed minimum amount.  
SEOClerks is best among the alternatives as it is the fastest growing marketplace for providing SEO services and micro jobs at affordable rates, better response time and quality services as compared to others. It does not allow their users to face any problems regarding discontinuing or ban of the account. It makes sure that their users make money at the earliest.
SEOClerks is the only marketplace providing a $5 signup bonus and $2 bonus card for tweet related to SEOClerks. It further provides additional 10% commission for every new member is referred to the site, which means every time that member makes money, you’re the one also making money.


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