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Sunday 29 October 2017

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HyperX Comic Con at Hyderabad 2017

The HyperX gaming peripheral company and a division of Kingston technology, known for their range of mouse, mechanical keyboard and headphones designed for gaming purposes, sponsored the ESL India Premiership at Comic Con Hyderabad, for the second time in a row. It was a two-day event, held on 14th and 15th of October, 2017, where hundreds and thousands of game lovers joined the make the event a huge success.

HyperX organized for all gamers to come at the event and experience their gaming products. One such event was the ‘HyperX Blindfold Challenge’ where the participants were blind folded and were provided with 7.1 surround sound to play the game based on what they hear.


HyperX has launched headset gears like Clod, Cloud Stinger, Cloud Alpha, Cloud Revolver to mesmerize the market with the best gaming audio experience ever. The Cloud Alpha’s revolutionary Dual Chamber Drivers feature will give your audio more distinction and clarity by minimizing the distortion. The dual chambers separate the bass from the mids and highs, allowing optimal tuning for clearer and fine audio. It is also durable with the use of aluminum with expanded headbands and noise cancellation feature forms one of its best attributes. If you’re serious about gaming, the Cloud Revolver series is your thing; it will give you the maximum competitive advantage over other products of the same price range. Use of solid-steel for durability and studio grade sound stage will give you an extra advantage over your enemies. If you are looking for the combination of light weight comfort and an all-round audio experience then the Cloud Stinger series is your stop.

One essential feature of HyperX headphones is their compatibility with consoles and here also this pair of headphones excel. You can easily connect them to the consoles.


 These HyperX has launched RGB keyboard, a sensational discovery in the world of gaming. keyboards are made using a solid steel frame. They are compact in size and provide great durability, reliability. They are ideal for high level play. The CHERRY MX key switches used are reliable enough. They are suitable for both professional gamers and ones who are new in the field. The red backlight keys help in producing dynamic lighting effects and thus help you to flaunt your style. The keyboard is also portable with a detachable cable that helps you to connect it wherever required. So gamers…let the game begin wherever you wish to!

The Keyboards also come with carriage bags so that you can carry them wherever you feel like.

There are three different types of keys from which the gamers can choose from, depending upon their requirements:

Cherry MX Blue: This one is used for getting a greater tactile response.

Cherry MX Brown: This one can be used for balancing speed, comfort and accuracy.

Cherry MX Red: If your game wants you to be super-responsive, this is the one you should go for.


The new PulseFire TM Gaming Mouse from HyperX features a gaming sensor which includes four different DPI settings along with LED indicators of various specifications to select from. It also uses a lightweight design so that the gamer can handle it with ease. The buttons present are ultra-responsive and provide you tactile feedback for a better performance. The mouse is also slip-resistant and hence there is no chance of skipping. The slip-resistant grip of the mouse ensures that you can use it for long hours in a comfortable manner.

There is a Precise Pixart Optimal Sensor which improves the accuracy of gaming. 

The new products launched by HyperX, just like the popular ones from this brand, are designed to provide great utility.


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