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Sunday 11 June 2017

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Contentmart: A Reliable Source for Content Writing and Translation Services

Contentmart is a content writing company which is a marketplace for content where content buyers and content writers are brought together. Contentmart has on its rolls over 63,000 freelance content writers. As a logical extension of its content writing services, Contentmart has also added translation services to its bouquet of services with expert translators in over 20 languages.

The fast paced world that businesses face today leaves absolutely no time for anyone to experiment. Therefore, when clients need content writing services they need to find a good content writing agency or a company. Contentmart is one of the best content writing companies in the market. It has carved a special niche for itself by putting together an extensive assemblage of good quality freelance content writers. In today’s Internet connected world, language assumes significance because every piece of information can be transmitted in a fraction of a second. Imagine transacting a business activity with a Chinese supplier and he has sent a quotation in Chinese language, which the client is ignorant about. This is where quick and reliable translation services become important.

Hire Writers and Translators

For Content Writers

Contentmart has a selection process for clients to hire professional writers in an effortless manner. They just have to place an order with the necessary details and the order is flashed on Contentmart’s website. Freelance content writers on the website bid for the job. The client has the opportunity to assess the suitability of the bidders and hire content writers.

Similarly, if the client requires translation, there is a simple process for hiring translators. Follow the instruction below:

Quality Writers and Translators

Contentmart has a system to grade its freelance content writers, so as to help clients hire content writers of required quality. There are four levels under which freelance content writers are placed – standard, experienced, verified and handpicked. Writers undergo various tests administered by Contentmart to evaluate their credentials and be placed at the appropriate skill level. For translation, the this translation company has enrolled translators after subjecting them to specific translation-oriented tests in different languages.
Contentmart Promises

Contentmart has content writing services and translation services for almost all kinds of content. It could be business documents, emails, presentations or online content. Content may be on any topic such as agriculture, technical, entertainment, sports, finance, business, etc. There are freelance content writers who are experts in academic writing, blog writing, copy writing, speech writing and ghost writing. Translations could be for books, video games content, slogans and advertisements. Whatever the requirement is, Contentmart puts your hunt for an ideal writer or translator to an end.

Contentmart’s content writing services and translation services are specifically designed to benefit all the parties, the client, the freelance content writer and the translator. The website’s registered content writers are given an opportunity to take up translation with a simple registration process. This means that the website which is a content writing company can draw upon its huge bank of freelance content writers in several languages whose quality has already been ascertained. This augurs well for the clients who need translation services as they can avail of the high level of quality services from the company.

The pricing for content writing is mutually agreed upon or determined by a bidding process. For translation, Contentmart charges a flat US$0.12 per word.

With multilingual content writing services. whatever be the requirement in content writing services or translation services Contentmart is the best choice to go with to fulfill every content related need.


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