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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

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PriceRaja Review: Smarter Way of Online Shopping

Going at the rate in which e-commerce websites are sprouting up, it would be safe to assume that online shopping is the future of Indian commerce industry. Every product on God's green earth can be brought online from a number of websites. This brings us to the issue of how a user might get confused of where to buy the product from and where the product is being sold at the best price. Because let's admit, the deals that are being offered online remains a distant dream for a usual run of the mill brick and mortar outlet. recognise this quandary and has come up with an efficient model that allows users to know at a glance where they can get what they want at the best available price. All the user has to do is to lookup the product they want on the website and Priceraja does the rest for you. Here is how online shopping has been made easier by one of the top price comparison websites around.priceraja1

Price Comparison at a glance

 Majority of aware and sensitive buyers already know what it is that they want and they simply need to locate the product on PriceRaja domain to get everything they need to bring down the gavel. When you visit the product page on Priceraja, you instantly get the top 2 best prices at the top of the page. This way you know where the product is available and how much you can save on your purchase. At times, users might be skeptical of e-commerce websites offering the best prices, for them there is a whole list of trusted and reliable websites with available price shown next to them. This not only saves you time on research but also gives you a bird's eye view of trending price for the product you are seeking. Even you can download the app for comparison.priceraja2

 Are you making a sensible buy? Check Value for Money Indicator

 Makes no mistakes, has been designed to offer convenience and save time spent on research so that you can get what you want as soon as possible. Right on top of the product page, you can see Specifications score and Value for money indicator, which gives you a fair idea as to how good the product is vis a vis the price tag it comes with. Just a look at these two parameters help the user determine whether or not he is making a sensible choice by buying it. In case if you get second thoughts regarding the product after looking at these indicators, Priceraja also has better alternatives listed on the same page to save you the time, which would have otherwise been spent on researching all over again.priceraja4

 Compare products with complete analysis

 When it comes to gadgets and electronics, is a specialist and has a comprehensive list of all existing as well as upcoming devices. With a saturated market where you dozens of alternatives in the same budget as yours, sometimes you might need someone else to decide for you. is here to play the role of best friend for you because not only does it have a comprehensive list of all devices but also provide an easy to use tool to stack them up against each other. Users can compare up to 4 devices side by side with a single click of the mouse.  In the comparison tool, the very first row shows you which device has better specifications over its competitors so that you do not have to go through the entire list. Quite convenient and time saving.priceraja3

Don't Miss out on the Price Drop Alert option

It so happens that Internet is a dynamic place and nothing remains consistent in this space including the price offered by a website. So in case you have made up your mind about a product and website from where you want to buy it from, it is quite possible that the offering price might be slightly out of your reach. Priceraja allows you to set a price drop alert, which will notify you through email each time the price drops. Therefore, in case you are not in any rush you can sit back and relax, Priceraja will notify you when it is sensible for you to go ahead and make the purchase.


An entire deals section for compulsive online shoppers

By now it is clear that if you are looking for something and want the best price available, Priceraja is the place to be. However, what about those users who have nothing particular in mind and are only window grazing. There is an entire section on the website that is constantly being updated with recent deals and offers from around the world. With this section in place, users can get a quick glance at all offers and deals being provided online in one place rather than wasting time on different websites and not miss out on a better deal being provided on some new domain. These deals on has been indexed according to stores, product type as well as top deals of the day to ensure users have a comfortable experience. priceraja6

With more and more brands launching new budget segment smartphones and every second person owning one, it was only fair for Priceraja to come up with its own Android app. This app from the website is a mirror image of everything that the website offers from price drop alert to comparison. It is available for download from Google Play Store and has a minimal footprint so does not hog memory of the device. It will also keep you updated with deals and offers via push notifications on your smartphone. definitely is one of the better websites satiate all your online shopping needs and at the same time saving you lots of money and time in the process. If you happen to be a compulsive online shopper, this website should be pinned to the bookmarks tab on your web browser. Speaking of which, they also have a Chrome extension, which will show you the best deal available everytime you browse a product on an e-commerce website.


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