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Sunday, 3 April 2016

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Essential UX Design Software To Use

When the developers create new websites, they just focus on the technical features and layouts but often neglect to make sue of UX design software for one very important aspect - user experience. If the user visiting the website has a hard time in figuring how to achieve their goals from the website they will not come back again. But if the user experience is pleasant, it can create a favorable and long lasting impression on the minds of the customer and they will surely come back to revisit the site once again.

Importance of UX design Software

User experience (UX) is very important to consider when designing your website or applications. For this purpose there are certain techniques as well as some tools which help in better designing the interface for better user experience. These tools are called UX design software and today there are many tools available for you to choose from.

Here are some of the best available software and some basic information about them


Omnigraffle is UX design software helps you in producing a variety of design variables like user-flow diagrams, wireframes, site-maps etc. A number of templates and stencils are available with this community. A number of high quality, reusable and pre-built resources are available for download and this saves a big amount of effort and time both. You get a good learning curve with Omnigraffle and there are many interface interactions and short cuts which are tricky to remember here.


MindNode is a visual mind-mapping tool which is simple and easy to use. It is available to use in Mac, iPad and iPhone and can be accessed in conjunction with iCloud or Dropbox from anywhere. MindNode is used for exploring information architecture approaches and mapping the system functionality in the design process.


Silverback is a user testing tool which enables you to run simple, cheap and moderated usability test studies. There is no need for labs which are fancy and no need for expensive cameras or two way mirrors. It is so easy and cost effective that no user can simply make excuse not to test the designs early and throughout the processes.


This is UX design software which is an interface design app gaining popularity as an alternative to other software like Photoshop and Illustrator. It can design beautiful user interfaces for a variety of devices and screen resolutions. Although there are many other UX software for wire-framing having extra features, Sketch helps to produce quick and great looking wire-frames in lesser time.

It is simple and quick to learn in Sketch and has a lot of features which make it joyful to work like linked styles, smart measuring guides and built-in grid controls.


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