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Wednesday 6 April 2016

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How To Create Bootable USB Drive Using PowerISO

Now a days people are not using CD or DVD disc's for storing movies or game's. Only pen drives or memory card's to store data and easy to transfer from one device to another. Also it is a portable device which is handy one and fit in pockets. When our personal  computer OS got corrupted we people use optical drive to boot our system or we people upgrade our systems to new level.

At that time, we make bootable CD's or DVD's to boot. After that no use of that CD until the crash of OS. And also their is a no use of that CD for storing data. Till that CD may get corrupted or we people going to make new bootable CD for new OS. Every time we people use new DVD's to make bootable CD's. So, here an best method to make  use of pen drives to make bootable pen drives. We can re-use pen drives for both storing data and also for OS. Here I will guide you to make bootable pen drive in a simple method.

Create Bootable Pen Drive For Windows 7/8/10:


  • Pen Drive.

  • Operating System ISO file.

  • PowerISO.exe

Step By Step Guide:

Step 1: Download ISO file of any operating system you want to boot.

Step 2: Download and Install Power ISO.

Note : Make sure your USB stick should be empty. Better format it your drive before this process.

Step 3: Open PowerISO > Top menu > Tools > click on " create bootable usb drive ".

create bootable USB

step 4: Pop up will open, In image file browse your OS ISO file.

Step 5: Automatically USB drive will detected in destination tab or else manually browse.


Note : Make sure your pen drive should connected to PC.

Step 6: In write method tab, select USB-HDD.

Step 7: Then click on " Start ".


Note : It will take upto 28 minutes, but maximum it will completed in 8 minutes.

Step 8: Here you done!


Installing Operating System:

After completion of above process, now you have to install windows 7 or 8 using USB drive. Below are the following steps.

  • Now here you have to do some changes to detect your flash able drive.

  • Press F1 or F2/ delete /Escape depending up on your CPU to enter into BOIS settings.

  • Press ''Enter" on boot menu and then setup boot sequence. Change boot preference from SATA to USB.

  • Now save the settings and exit.

Just follow above process carefully to install your Operating System. I believe this is one of the best method to boot using USB drive. You can save CD or DVD or if you don't have writer then you can go with this. For installing OS just follow instruction given.


Above is from user experience which is personally tested by me and also used for installation of Windows 7. Please suggest this guide to your friends and still having any queries please leave a comment and also don't forget to share with friends.


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