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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

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Best Reasons For Rooting Your Android Phone

Rooting is nothing but unlocking or Jail Breaking your Android device to use and run incompatible apps. When you go to download any app from Google play store in the description of some apps "Root Needed" is described. That app must need rooting of your device otherwise the app doesn't work. There are many advantages of rooting your android device as shown below. 

Top Reasons Rooting Your Android Device:

Back Up Your Files:

You can backup all your files on your android phone there are many apps on Google play store for back up your phone without rooting after rooting there is an app called Titanium Backup on Google Play Store which works fully after rooting your device you can back up all your files with this app.

Speed up and Battery Backup:

There are many apps in Google play store for better performance and battery backup of your phone without rooting but that app will not give you full all the options as they shown, but after rooting your device you may get use of all the options in the app

Run Incompatible Games And Apps:

After Rooting you can run incompatible games and apps as the way you root your device it unlocks the hidden features and it let us to install incompatible apps and games.

Apps After Rooting Your Android Devices:

1.Titanium Back Up:
Titanium Back Up
"Download Titanium BackUp"

2.ROM Manger.

ROM Manager
It is for every root user because it can backup all your ROM and you can install custom ROM from where you want to install and after installing just update it from the online.

Adaway is the best app for android rooted users because this app blocks all the ads which come in the middle of browsing and playing games.


Superuser (clockworkmod)
Superuser(clockworkmod) is the free app it is the app which grants the root rights of your android device it is an very important app for rooted users.

5.Battery calibration.
Battery Calibration
It the best app for calibration of your battery who mostly change there ROM the battery calibration app shows the battery level and show you how much time phone runs. "Download Battery Calibration" 

6.BusyBox Installer.

BusyBox Installer
The Busy box installer is the most needed apps for rooting users because this app gives to handy your apps with some commands. This app is great poses no problem to achieving your goal.

There are many apps on the Google Play store for rooted user.


Above are the best reasons to root your Android phone and follow the good installer for best devices. 


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