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Friday 11 April 2014

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Top Free Windows Software For Your PC Need

As you know guys there are many software in this PC world. But as you need there is a top software's on windows platform for daily usage. There is a lot of software's user's hard disk memory, but there is a no use of it.Here's a list of software's which we can use for our daily work. For a new PC equip this essential software to boost your PC performance and security.

Best Free Software's For PC:


It is a best software for every PC should have to clean temp files, registries and unused files. So, coming to the point when you uninstall a program it leaves some files and some saved registries which are not in use by this ccleaner you can clean your PC and save your hard disk memory. Even you can scan registry issues and fix it. Not only on your windows you can clean browsers history and much more. By this increase your performance.

2.VLC Media Player:

In this music world, people listens songs on their desktop,mobile and mp3 devices.While coming to Vlc media player is one of the best players to load your audio and video songs , movies etc..So, their is a different formats which doesn't support most of the media players but vlc is one of the best player which supports almost formats of this music world.Best to go with this media player.

3.Microsoft Essential Security:

As your DATA is most important to you, Security is more important to your data. Microsoft Essential Security is one best security service from Microsoft. It's a free service for those having a genuine windows. And also for your online protection. There are so many viruses which are updating day to day. For latest security updates your Microsoft essential security up to date.

4.Open Office/ Microsoft Office:

It is a program which is used to create your documents, excel sheets, ppts and much more. There are two offices i.e, one is open office and other Microsoft office.For creating your resumes, paper presentations ,business sheets etc. It is also used for business purpose also not only for education. There are lots of files in online which doesn't support most of the programs, but MS-office is one of best to supports formats.


There are tons of programs, movies or games etc.. To download from online.But most of the sites doesn't provides accurate speed or some tasks or registration to download a program even though they don't provide accurate guide.So,u torrent is best source to download any program with many features like high speed downloading,pause/stop,one by one program to download.For downloading any program or movies first we have to download torrents and then begins to download.

6.Internet Download Manager:

Worrying about downloading speed, or even though you're having high speed, but your downloads slow. IDM is one of the best program for online downloads. When You're watching any videos, but there is a no button to download.So, IDM grabs the video to download with high speed. Best and easy to use. Not only videos you can download each and every online program with high speed.

7.Revo Uninstaller:

So many programs are installed in your PC. Some are is to use, but some not or protected. Revo Uninstaller is the best program to uninstall unwanted programs and some programs protected which are unable to uninstall. It forces uninstall each program and remove Junk files. Remove left over data which uninstalled properly. Avoid errors for uninstalling a program.


Winrar is tool to compress or extract your data.It is best tool to compress your data from heavy weight to light weight.You are having low memory disk but your data is high, winrar is use to compress your data without loosing your files.Their are lots of online programs which are compressed in different formats.It supports maximum programs which are compressed or to archive your data.

9.Adobe Reader:

Adobe reader free tool to read,print and view your PDFs files.It is a best tool for reading E book from online and offline.There two platform which supports in mobile and even in desktops.It is from Adobe software and easy to view.A education peoples need this tool to read their eBooks using this tool.By this u can upgrade to pro version also.

10.Google Chrome:

It is one of the best browsers from Google. Easy.Easy to use and having more features when compare to other browsers.Even you can check Top extensions for your daily need.It is a secure browser and leading one.It is a safer ,faster and secure browser.Even you can run this browser in your mobile platform also.And even you can customize with your own style and design as your need.


The above are the best software's for newbie PC and boost your performance also with this program instead using tons of programs which will hang your PC.


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