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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

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How to Unblock Your SIM Card Via PUK Code

In the present world everyone has their own phones and some may even have more than one. So, every individual maintains one or more SIM cards. Here a trick to unlock SIM Card through PUK code. Most of these don't care about the privacy of their mobile phones and the remaining who care about their privacy put up some security codes. These security codes are now setup in smartphones using different apps which can be unlocked once you delete or reset those apps. But the ones who use other than smartphones face many problems when their phone asks for a PIN  and we don't have it or forgot it.

You no need to worry if you forget your PIN on your mobile. When you are asked to enter your PIN and you have entered the wrong PIN three times you need to follow the below procedure to unlock it.

Unblock SIM

Unlock SIM Card Via PUK Code:

  1. When you enter the wrong PIN for 3 times you will be asked to enter PUK code.
  2. Then you need to remove your SIM card  from your phone  and note down the number on the SIM card, it is 18 or 20 digits depending on the network.
  3. Now call your network operator from other phone with same network SIM to know about your PUK code.
  4. Once the operator is connected you will be asked to say your mobile number, SIM card number and the name of the owner of mobile.
  5. Once the details are verified you will get your PUK code. Enter it and your SIM is unlocked.
 Note: Remember one thing that if you enter wrong PUK code for 5 times your  SIM card will be blocked.
 When your SIM card is blocked you no need to go to any mobile mechanic and waste your money but just contact your mobile operator with apt details and documents.

Mobile Operator numbers:

      Vodafone   - 111
      Idea           - 12345
     Airtel          - 121
     Docomo    - 111 or 121
     Reliance    - *333
     BSNL       - 1503
     Aircel        - 9700012345 or 121


At Last this is the best trick to unlock your mobile device through PUK code and Follow the instructions correctly.

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  1. Great trick ! saved me at the last second!