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Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Top Best Mozilla Firefox Add-ons Must Have

Mozilla Firefox is fast , light and tidy open source web browser. At its public launch in 2004, Mozilla Firefox was the first browser to challenge internet explorer.And from then , it showed consistent progression and finally achieved to be in the list of top 3 web browsers on the planet. Free extensions and add-ons in it.The key feature that made Firefox different from others is it open source management. They are a plethora of Firefox addons added every day by its loyal users to improve its effectiveness.effectiveness. Because of theses valuable addons ,  user experience has never been as good as it is now. So here are the top 10 Must have addon for Firefox to improve your productivity in your daily life.
Mozilla Firefox Addons

Top Free Firefox Addons:

1.AdBlock plus :

Adblock plus is always the most useful app of all of them. It is the only app that has been suggested in various articles showing its competency.competency is well known for blocking ads (as the name suggests).Adblock is used by billions of users. It helps them to happily do their work and surf anonymously. It helps us to avoid ads which are quite annoying. It blocks ads from Facebook, You tube, Google and many other websites.

2.Flashgot :

Flashgot is an add-on which helps to grab downloadable links from the webpage. It can download many files, images, as well as videos which are very helpful to us. It is a fast, reliable good download manager available for Firefox.It can download single page, selected pages or multiple pages as per our requirement with maximum speed.You can also play the video or any stuff while grabbing it.

3.After the deadline :

After the deadline is a spelling or grammar checker and helps us to correct them via intelligent suggestions.
After the deadline uses artificial intelligence to find ,check , and correct  various speeling or grammar mistakes.So you can tweet , update your facebook timeline or post any article with confidence.It is used by thousands of users as of now and are increasing day by day.


Download helper is a tool which help us to download movies or any videos streaming from any webpage, and convert them according to our requirements.Just surf the web with videos and movies and this add-on will do the rest.No hectic or any time consuming task.This add-on is used by almost 60 billion users across the world.It also receives updates to improve your experience.It works with almost all of the major websites like Facebook, Myspace, You Tube, daily motion , Metacafe and others.

5. Lazarus :

Did you have any crashes while your at work and lost all of your typing's or workings? You might be a hell out of irritate to this crashes and this occurs mainly in India.So don't worry! Lazarus is here for your rescue.
Lazarus is an add-on which saves our typing's or our browsing data at the last moment of a disasterI cannot stress how it is useful for professional people who do lots of important workIt works with major platforms and as well as server browsers tooIt is used by around thousands of members across Firefox and this app has helped each and everyone of them. In layman terms, it is one of the lifesaving apps you need to download right now.

6.X notifier:

Some of us will be always looking for a mail to arrive and we will be always at the mail page reloading it hoping that our mail has arrived.Now  you need not do it. Because X notifier helps to notify us at the very moment if the mail hs arrived or not.This helps us to save time instead of checking our mail daily.It majorly supports nearly all the major time mails like Gmail , Yahoo or hotmail etc.It also works with facebooks notifying your notifications.


Fastest Fox is an add-on for people who think Firefox is not fast enough (seriously? ). Save your time by using fastest Fox. Fastestfox is used by many people and received many positive reviews. Apart from that it saves the webpages we repeatedly visit and thus saving our timeSo I prefer it for the people who want to increase the browsing speed of Firefox.

8.URL fixer:

It is a pain to type the whole url when we w\need to visit that websiteAnd we even end up tying the wrong web-address due to our typosNow you need not worry because url fixer helps you to fix urls without you even knowing.You also have asked by URL fixer to correct your url. If that website doesn't exist then URL lists that website and you will never see that again.

9.Copy Plain style:

Copy plain style lets you know its function by its mane.It helps you to copy a page or a word which is in italic or bold format and directly converts it to normal form removing our concerns over that.It is very handy for quoting any website page or any quotes without copying the style of text.Very useful for journalists and writers.

10.IE tab:

Some websites stubbornly ask us to use IE or we can't open that websiteSo what this add-on does is, it makes a tab in Firefox similar to that of IE. So now you can open that website from Firefox instead of going to internet explorerIE tab stimulates all the attributes from IE explorer to a Firefox tab, in technical terms. Its a handy app for nearly all of the users and mainly Indians who view government websites which only work for IE explorer.


Above are the best Firefox extensions and best for your daily usage. Please share these extensions with your friends too. 


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