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Wednesday 27 January 2016

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Pave the Way for a Successful Engineering Career by Preparing For JEE


The JEE or the Joint Entrance is the entrance examination for admission in engineering college. This exam is conducted throughout India for all the students. There are two parts or phases of JEE exam namely JEE Main and JEE Advanced. For Admission in the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), the student needs to appear for JEE Advance only by cracking JEE Main. Other colleges in India like National Institute of Technology (NIT), IIIT and other institutes being funded by State or Central give admission to students based on JEE Main scores.

Prepare for JEE

Students preparing for the JEE examination must attempt to get good score in their 12th boards examinations. The overall rank would be judged based on JEE score and the boards result. One of the important things required is to keep the basics of the class 12th books clear. The syllabus of the class 12th books and the syllabus of the JEE paper is the same. Always be choosy while buying reference books. There are many books available with wrong content and wrong syllabus. Therefore, it is always better to consult a teacher before going for reference books.

Study Tips for JEE Main

Some of the most important rules that the students need to stick to in order to crack the JEE Mains with outstanding score are -

  • Covering all the topics thoroughly of the syllabus can be very difficult for an average student. So it is advised to prioritize the chapters in order of the credits of that chapter in the exam.

  • Clearing the basic concepts in very essential. Progressing to the higher level of questions without clearing the basics can be proved demoralizing.

  • Revising and practicing the numerical and theoretical concepts is the key. Progressing to new chapters and practicing the previous ones in parallel can be very time saving.

  • Solving the question papers of last 3 years is advisable for best last minute preparation.

  • There are many questions in the question paper and trying to solve each one of them can take lot of time. You have to manage your time in the exam and attempt those first, which you can easily solve.

Preparation at Home

Students preparing for JEE examination at home need to be very resourceful. Appropriate books and study materials are necessary because they are your only guide. Misguidance in the preparation can be disastrous. Therefore, students must select the best books. Apart from being accustomed to every concept of the schoolbooks, the students should also prepare with reference books and time to time solve model papers at home. For students who are preparing from home does not have the option to ask for concept clearance from coaching teachers, so they must not hesitate to visit their schoolteachers for help.

Online Preparation for JEE

There are places where students cannot get the facilities of good coaching centre. Proper guidance and coaching is very important for the preparation. Therefore, in such cases students can prepare for JEE exams from the internet. Online preparation is the best option for students who do not have access to good coaching centers or want to prepare at home. There is lot of data available on the internet that a student can study from but there are many sources with wrong concepts too. There are websites, which offers legitimate packages for preparation at a price. It is always advisable to trust the packages that you get by paying money online. Packages also offers online mock test in certain time intervals where student can evaluate the progress.


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