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Wednesday 27 January 2016

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India is Betting Big on Apps: The Future of Stock Markers

Automation is the new fad of the $158 Trillion global financial market. India, although a much small market by the absolute scale is not aloof from it. In fact, India has much higher potential to reap out from apps than its global counterparts. The primary reason is equality – in terms of resources and access.

India, a nation of over 1 billion cellphones, has little desktop penetration. Limited electricity and connectivity are primary factors that directly impact that penetration. But ever since the advent of smartphones, the inclusion is picking up. First, Indian government got hundreds of millions into banking, and now they are planning to get them participate actively in financial markets. Here, private players are taking the lead. IIFL App, developed by India Infoline, one the most prestigious brokerage companies of India, is tasting a great success.

What Apps Offer

  • Free access to live pricing of stocks – across BSE, NSE etc. It has a section for the commodity as well.

  • Smart dual widget – So that you can keep commodities and stocks different.

  • Research reports of over 500 companies by a dedicated team of 50+professionals.

  • Ability to trade, buy IPOs.

  • Configure smart notifications. So that if you want to get an alert when stock ABC company goes down by 20 points, just set it and relax.

  • Developers use analytics and many other smart features to fix things under update, IIFL Markets, ever since its inception has kept things steady and changed things as per requirements of the users. The result is an utterly smart app.

These things are exhaustive; there are many other subtleties that make apps a better choice over the web or any other platform.

Customers and stock market enthusiasts alike have given their approval to the apps. Currently leading apps like IIFL Markets is rated with an impressive 4.2 stars and are targeting the 1 million mark in the strong term. Keeping inclusion and other factors in Mind, a target of even 10 million looks possible in the medium term.

Apart of it, you can even watch live tv and videos on the app. The apps are intelligently crafted to make judicial usage of the bandwidth so that it works even in cases when the network is 2g.

In order to make the experience better, the companies use dedicated servers and use smart menus to minimize the navigation at the time of using making the apps.

With apps, clients can take their phones with them and trade while commuting. Computers were portable enough to be used while commuting and television never got swift access to information. Apps have managed to do everything, that too at no cost.

Today, people in India and around the world are moving onto the smartphones, and if download numbers of any major financial app are to go by, then it is as big of a revolution in financial markets as the internet was in the field of communication.


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