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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

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Top 5 Things That Speaking Pictures Will Change in Your Life

Speaking pictures are rapidly changing the world of image sharing. Voxweb, a mobile app that has introduced this concept has been embraced by numerous users who swear by the app. The app lets users add audio to an image – which can be up to 11 seconds long, and marks it with an orange line.

This orange line culture is transforming things, and since the app and the concept both are lightweight, it is picking up the craze. Here are top five things that speaking pictures will change in your life.


  1. The time you spend on captioning: If you think of captioning as a compulsion, then you won’t need it ever again. Adding an audio facilitates natural flow of emotions thereby cutting down the time you spend on captioning etc. An 11-second audio is sufficient to just communicate anything that you want to say about the image – a very powerful and innovative concept.

  2. Communicate many other sounds like hmm without writing them: There are numerous sounds like hmm that just cannot be written or are just too complex. With speaking pictures, you would be able to record the sounds and send it over since you wouldn’t really need to write anything. If you hit a roadblock while thinking of sounds than that would be a thing of past.

  3. Fewer Videos: We try to impose videos on ourselves, there are times when we really don’t need videos but are forced to take one. While we have far more memory on our Smartphones than we ever had, there is still a need for the judicial use of space. For instance, if you want to take a picture of your driver’s license and add a message to it, taking a video could be a terrible waste of space, and in such case, it might be just better to resort to something more practical like audio images are they are lightweight and are easy to share.

  4. A new sound picture portal akin to YouTube: Voxweb currently has a portal called life which pretty much is what youtube is to videos. Although the latter is much larger in such and is very renowned, the craze of speaking pictures is picking up, and in a very short time, one would see a lot of internet enthusiasts using a speaking picture portal just like they use Youtube  for videos.

  5. Lots of emotions and memories: Memories form an integral part of life and a few years down the line you wouldn’t just see your selfies or group photos with your friends but also the audio message – which can be both formal and informal. Just like how a second’s time is enough to capture an image, 11 second is plenty to record the caption. You would probably end up typing a lot lesser than you currently do.

These factors are akin to a drop in the ocean, and upon the full induction of this concept in our lives, there would be a lot more changes that we would have ever thought of.


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