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Friday, 27 November 2015

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The Marketing Tool To Reach Today’s Tech-Savvy Consumer

Today’s “millennial” consumer is unlike any generation of buyers in the past.

Consumers are more intelligent, and are better equipped with more access to more information—allowing them to make smarter purchasing decisions in a much savvier form.

In order for a business to survive in today’s modern marketplace, they must adjust in a multitude of fashions. But not just through engaging marketing strategies, providing competitive costs or offering spectacular customer service; although those subjects are still important, but today’s consumer needs to exuberate a feeling exclusivity and uniqueness if they’re going to invest in a product or service.
Old - New Way
They need advertisements to feel personal while also being vibrant and eye-catching. They need peer reviews to be stellar and be able to talk with proficiently, highly trained employees about the questions or concerns that may have; in other words, the millennial generation requires businesses to think outside the box, where a product or service’s functions on not solely depended on to generate revenue.

From customizable home entertainment features (e.g.,, to hands on devices that allow you to feel in control (e.g., mobile applications that connect with home security). Customers need to feel like their investment directly applies to their life, or you risk having them take their business somewhere else.
According to a recent study from BIA/Kelsey and ConStat, over 95 percent of consumers use some form of online media to help make savvier purchasing decisions.

How are businesses changing their approach of marketing?

Digital signage or electronic displays is one way businesses can help defer more people to make smarter purchasing decisions without the help of the Internet.

These highly efficient and vibrantly alluring marketing tools give the “common consumer” all the bells and whistles necessary to make an informed decision.
Companies can leverage digital signage via: brand/logo placement, consumer testimonials, product information, industry news, demonstrations of product or service, and an infinite number of other creative marketing strategies to personalize and prioritize their business with the consumer.

Placement and time are two elements that greatly benefit digital signage. For example, in waiting rooms in urgent care facilities, pharmaceutical brands can advertise their medications relevant to the consumer. Another example is that college campuses can install high-resolution digital signage near bus stops, school lobbies or outside football stadiums to provide student information, like: bus schedules, enrollment deadlines and upcoming sport events opportunities.

The options are limitless for companies to now leverage their brand in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace. In retrospect, companies can really for the first time, cut out the clutter of information and get right to the core of the product’s importance.
But great content still matters…

If there is one thing certain about the effectiveness of marketing, it’s that great content will always be a necessary part in terms of reaching the consumer.
The great thing about digital signage is that it combines vibrantly engaging imagery with persuasive content messaging; so, the consumer is hit with two persuasive angles instead of one. Also, digital signage can be readily tweaked or altered according to the brand’s strategy. This helps to save time by lowering overhead costs and promoting work-efficiency, as it allows marketing messages to be easily “tested” with the public and determined if they respond in a negative or positive response.


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