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Monday 19 October 2015

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Version IT, Ameerpet : Must Read Before Joining And Know The Truth

My honest review:

I'm one of the student of version IT, Ameerpet (Mytrivanum, 605B Aditya Enclave) Done my SAP BASIS AND SECURITY Coaching from RASHEED SIR! Here's my complete review.


( Straight forward, wholehearted, Maximum try's to help students) : 5/5

Best tutor ever and good teaching skills. He will teach you fully practical and give you easy and understanding notes. Follow his assignments whatever he will teach, definitely you will get what you're expecting to learn. And he will maximum help you to get job if you follow him daily. And Sir having a company too called Terrenos,  Madhapur. He will pick some people's to his company. Because of sir most of the students working around the globe and they're well settled. Sir! Having a website called way2sapbasis.


( lab faculty - Waste, Careless) : 0.5 /5.

If you ask him anything he will don't reply or he will busy with the phone(chatting). But, he responds to girls very well. Actually, he doesn't know anything. Don't waste your time asking him doubts. He used to sell SAP softwares. But, don't buy you can get it from seniors or other stores available to buy in cheap. Most of my friends don't want to join netweaver because of him.


( lab faculty - hard worker) : 4/5.

He was an innocent and hard worker. Whatever work given by sir,  will do it in time and do the installation work. And FAIZAN use him for all works like getting tiffin for him (faizan), give lots of installation work and bla bla things.


( Money Collector ) :0.5/5.

Actual fee is 14000 and if you're paying one time installation is 13000. Or else you're going with installment. First, read this (Paying half instalment then after 15-20 days he will start asking for remaining money and won't give you material). After paying complete fees, that's it, Now you don't have value and management won't respond you for anything.


( Poor lab with no chairs and systems). 

You will find 20 systems nearly in that only 10 systems works properly and 2 for installation. Here's a logic below.

Morning 3 batches back to back from 7:30 to 11 Max.. Every batch contains minimum 25-30 students. If 20 students complete class they come to the lab and start practicing. But, only 10 systems are available for 20 students. After  30 minutes another batch will join and fully crowd and you won't get the system or even a chair to sit.
So, if you get system, then you're lucky and another twist is "may be the system works or not". 


They will provide a book and give some documents. But, all are waste and you have to purchase separately from other shop. 

Here you can get: Book called Rajeshweri ( old version IT student written very well and if you need doc's file here we go . ). 

For Certificate you have to pay separate 150rs. 

Must Read More Secret :

If you're a fresher then you go with Basis and Security. And if you're experienced then you have to go with BASIS and Security + Netweaver = 20,000 Rs. Because all main content (solution manager, Solemen etc. ) was in netweaver means you must have to go with netweaver. Check below pamphlet for more understanding.
The picture is too big, download and check it.

My Suggestion:

If you come with your own laptop then you will gain good knowledge from sir and you will get practice from your own lappy. And if you have any doubts, ask seniors or sir, don't ask that noob (you know what I mean).

So, this the honest review of VERSION IT and if you want to suggest more about this institute. Please leave your comments to help students. 


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