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Sunday 13 April 2014

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How to Trace Location of Lost Mobile By Single SMS?

Many are facing problems of loosing their phones either by negligence or theft which costs you a lot. Now no need to worry if you lost your mobile or forgot it somewhere far from your location. You can track by a single SMS. Yeah, it's an awesome trick to trace smartphone easily.

Now a days every individual, may be a businessman or a student or politicians or educators or house wives are using smart-phones. It has become in the present life that using a smartphone is not so difficult for anyone. Also You just need to follow some of the following instructions. The following trick or method works 100% as I tested it.

How To Get Lost Mobile:

Remember that the less time you spend to read this post worth you a lot. So, please follow the below steps if you care your phone. Below are the guidance follow them.
Lost Android

 Steps to be followed:

  1. First of all download the anti-lost app from google play.
  2. Link:
  3. Then install the app downloaded.
  4. Then go to app settings and enter your security telephone number, SIM card number and password.
  5. You will get a security code by default and save the settings.
  6. Now keep your phone GPS (Global Positioning System) always ON.
  7. Now just login with your password and active the anti-lost.
 Now that your security system is ready you need to know how to get the details when the phone is lost follow below simple steps.
  1.  When you don't find your phone take another mobile and send an empty message to your mobile number on which you have registered anti-lost.
  2. Once the message is sent empty you will receive a message with  details  like name and geographical coordinates of location and current users mobile number.


Follow the instruction step by step to get the location of your lost smartphone by single SMSPlease share this message with your friends also.


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