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Monday 14 April 2014

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How to Submit Sitemap To Google,Bing and Yahoo Webmaster Tools

As know guys submitting sitemap to Google, Bing and Yahoo webmaster tools it makes your website or blog to index up to date in big three search engines. Google is one of the big and top search engine to generate your traffic.And it is also a big source to get traffic to the blog. Without submitting your sitemap to search engines not use of blog or website. So, here we discuss step by step to get index in search engines.

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Submission Of Sitemaps:

Submit Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools:

Google is one of top search engines as know and it is a best place to get your high traffic for your blog or website.To index each and every post we have to submit a site map google webmaster tools.So let go here step by step.

Step1:Sign in with google webmaster with your Gmail account (account associated with blog or site).

Step2:Select the blog's listed on Google webmaster
           If you don't add your site to Google webmaster then follow below steps
  • ''Add your site'' Google webmaster'' then ''continue'' after that verify your site by adding ''meta tag'' to your site under head tag and come back to webmaster click on ''verify''.
Step3: Then go to site configuration>>sitemap.

Step4: Select the button ''add/test sitemap''.

Step5: Then Enter

Step6:Done it take some times index.

Submit Sitemap to Bing,Yahoo Webmaster Tools:

After Google second biggest search engines are yahoo and bing. As you know guys bing and yahoo are same now.Submitting to bing is same as yahoo. Let's begin here.

Step1:Sign in with bing webmaster with your Gmail account.

Step2:Select blog or site as listed.
          If you don't add your site to webmaster then follow below steps
  • Add your blogspot to webmaster here.Then verify using ''meta tag'' as you did like Google verification.
Step3:''Configure my site'' and then ''sitemap''
  • Add ''sitemap.xml'' to your domain url ''http//:yourdamain/sitemap.xml''
Step4:''submit'' You are done.


At last your done!!Follow the instruction step by step and this is the best way to get your high traffic and visitors directly from Google.


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