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Sunday, 23 February 2014

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Transfer of Files and Apps Without Using Bluetooth

We face a lot of problems in transferring the files and apps through Bluetooth. Even through data cable plug in and plug out. We can't pair devices or something like that. So, here is a trick to transfer apps and files in seconds. Here is a brief description about the trick below:-

Flash File Transfer
Android File Transfer

Android Flash Transfer:

Below is the step by step guide to transfer files faster for Android devices and follow the below guide to get file transfer.
  1.  First download the "Flash Transfer" app from here.
  2. Now, after installing the app you will find connecting with a friend click on it.
  3. Portable threatening is to be kept on before going to the next step.
  4. Then press creates a group and the other person who needs to be paired should press join group.
  5. Now, once you  get paired select the file to be transferred and just shake your device.
  6. The file or app will be transferred in a flash.
Follow above tutorial for file transfer easier and faster when compared to other application. The trick is 100% working with all android devices with hotspot enabled. If you don't have it you may download it from "Google Play ".


Above following instruction is from user experienced and I suggest you people go with the above application for easier and faster transfer of files. It's a time saving application. 


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