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Monday 3 February 2014

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How To Repair Non Working Pen Drive Dnd Format For RE-USE?

Most of the time we fail to format or simply we remove the pen drive without ejecting the device. So, it causes the failure of drivers or unknown errors. You can format partitions, but the remainder of the SD card remains “Unallocated” after you dump the existing partition. No amount of pushing or shoving in the Disk Manager application is going to fix this problem. Instead, we’re going to turn to the simple and effective DISKPART tool.

The Following Steps Show How Doing This:

  1.  Open up the Start Menu and type “diskpart” in the run box. Press enter. 
  2. You’ll be prompted by the Windows to authorize admin access to the DISKPART tool. A command-prompt-like window will open up, only the prompt will say “DISKPART”. 
  3. At that prompt, type “list disk”. In the list output on our machine you can see the computer’s hard drive and the removable disk.
  4.  After identifying your SD card disk number, enter the following command “select disk #” where # is the disk number of your SD card. WarningCare is to be taken while choosing your right disk number because a wrong choice brings you a very bad result.
  5.  Next, now enter the command “clean” The clean command zeroes out the sectors of the disk that contain the partition data. If you wished to zero out all data on the SD card you could use “clean all”.
  6.  After cleaning the disk, enter the following command “create partition primary” 

The command, as the syntax implies, creates a new partition on the disk and sets it to primary. After creating the primary partition, the entire storage capacity of the SD card should be available to Windows. If we peek back into Disk Manager, we no longer see a tiny partition with a huge hunk of un-allocated space, but a large partition ready to be formatted.


The above is the procedure to recover your pen drive for re-use and follow the instructions step by step to get recovered. Please don't forget to share with your friends too.


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